Day Trading Rules

I have a Freetrade Plus S&S ISA and know it isn’t designed for day trading but I’m not asking about repeated pattern trading or scalping. It’s easier to watch charts elsewhere anyway rather than rely on the FT delayed feed.

Should I simply wish to average down a share price/increase my shareholding what are the day trading rules, if any?

Revolut for example is 3 day trades in 5 business days and Fidelity is 4 trades in 5 business days. I can’t find this info for FT.

I’ve raised a support ticket but just wondered if anyone here already knows the answer.


You can trade as much as you like.


Great, thank you.

Not related entirely but Plus would benefit you if you are planning to day trade.

Setting stop losses and limit orders would greatly benefit your execution.


Thanks, I’m on Plus. I always prefer to buy with limit orders.

Would be great to see OCO orders one day for combined Stop Loss/Take Profit.