Difference in % growth on Freetrade?

Has anyone else noticed that the percentage growth for stocks on FT is usually different to other platforms?? I have my SIPP with AJ Bell and invest in some of the same stocks on FT and the % is always different. My friend who uses T212 and has invested in some of the same stocks matches the % growth I see on AJ Bell but not FT.

How come there is a discrepancy? Is it something to do with the back end system? Will this be fixed??

Someone said in a video that, during weekend there is a % difference in FT. I also want to know the reason behind it.

Yeah, so if you look at the 7 day, 1 month (etc) growth on other platforms (which match) and then look at the figure on FT, it’s almost always different… :man_shrugging: :thinking:

Hey Mani,

Could you send through an example? To hopefully shed a little bit of there are a few things that can cause the discrepancy.

In the 1 month or any historical view, we plot close of day prices and the performance is calculated based on the first data point of the series (the first one shown in the chart) against the latest one, which is the close of day of the last trading day or it can be the latest data point from during trading hours.

During trading hours the latest data point can vary depending on platform as different platforms refresh the latest data point more or less frequently than others. It’s important to check what that latest data point is compared to any other provider which can cause some discrepancies during trading hours.

Another reason you might find a discrepancy can be the handling of the close of day price. Different brokers handle end of day prices differently. Currently, we take the last price given to us by our data provider for the day whereas others might update the price after the closing auction period later in the day.

Hope this helps but do let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:


@finki an example of how pricing data is different on Freetrade, supports your view around first/last price etc.

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