Discussing formal complaints in the community

Isn’t the beauty of a forum that you can engage in particular threads that interest you and ignore those that don’t?

I would argue that almost all companies now operate like this - check the twitter thread of any major company. If you create a tool to engage with customers they are going to use it. I fully accept the perspective around not replying on the forum during the formal complaint process, I just don’t see why threads should be hidden.

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These are certainly not ‘formal’ complaints! I think you are mistaken as to exactly a formal complaint entails.

Revolut turning off its KYC systems should result in a formal compolaint to the regualtor. Not a little comment on Twitter.

Perhaps you’ve misunderstood me? A complaint of the type you describe regarding product wide KYC changes is different to a customer having a problem, raising it (via twitter, the forum, chat or any of other methods available) and then deciding that the problem is either more serious and thus worthy of a formal complaint or that their original complaint wasn’t dealt with satisfactorily and merits a formal complaint.

@HenryL - Sounds like you have a complaint that complaints are not being discussed on the forum, so perhaps you need to raise a formal complaint so that Freetrade can deal with your concern, as it doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved here on the forum.


On that note I think we’ve probably exhausted the discussion here so I’m going to close the topic until tomorrow. If anyone still has more to add in the morning, then we can chat about this some more then.


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Brilliant! No complaints from me, just a discussion on business practices and transparency.


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Without intending to belittle the debate, and whether intended or not, this comment made me chuckle, so thank you. :grin:


Keep up the good work!


Do freetrade have a complain department, where you get a reply.

Have you tried raising your issue through the in-app chat? They’re usually pretty good at replying.