Dividend not received

I expected dividends from Thungela last month but haven’t received them. Can you tell me why?

What date did you buy? Dividends can take weeks to be paid, terms and conditions explain this. Declared pay date has been less than a week.

Did you own any shares on or before the 18th April?

It can take a few days to receive dividends, and Monday was a bank holiday. So it’s only been 5 days. Longer than I’d like but I’d expect you’d likely see them this week if you held stock by the appropriate date

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Just to add to what other have said, what also often happens is that the cash is deposited into your account and the notification happens some time later. I have re-invested dividends without realising, then the notification turns up and I missed the fact that it was paid.

I understand that the issue is that the servers have to work so hard to deliver many millions of dividends and notifications that there is a delay in them being delivered.

Note that Thungela has 2 payment dates. The South African Rand one and london Sterling one, both with 2 different payment dates.

The African one was 24 April 2023
The UK Sterling one is 9 May 2023

Your payment date will be 9 May


Thanks for that! Problem solved.

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