Dividend yields by country

Source: http://siblisresearch.com/data/global-dividend-yields/


Interesting. No idea which companies in Spain have such high yields.

Very nice seeing the UK has a generally higher dividend yield combined with tax free isas :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. When the markets are stagnant or falling, dividends are a nice boost to keep you on track.

But if a company has a value and pays out part of its value how is it better than a company that retains its value? The share price just adjusts. Since this is freetrade and not HL you could instead sell some stock when prices were high

I mean mentally it keeps the likes of me on track with my strategy Ben :slightly_smiling_face:

Whenever I get paid dividends it feels like the price of the shares always recover faster than if I were to sell the equivalent amount and then wait for the value of the remaining shares to reach the amount I had before I sold. Its more of the mentality of still owning the same number of shares for me.