Dividends payment!

Hey Alex, can you confirm whether ETFs use the US stocks, the UK stocks or a completely different model in order to pay their dividends?

Is there a quick way on Freetrade to know which companies actually pay out dividends and on which dates??

I don’t think there is, well at least I haven’t found anything.

Come on Freetrade lets see some improvements🤓


For the first part of your question you can vote for the respective idea :point_down:


Anyone got Disney Dividends, pay day was 16th Jan 2020.

I was going to post about my Disney dividend, nothing here yet either mate.

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I’ve just got my notification for the divi payment.


Got mine too

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Got it also :heavy_check_mark:

Hello there I got a notification saying I received my dividend of the s and p 500, but I don’t physically see it in my bank balance.

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Dividend income isn’t paid into your bank, it is paid into your Freetrade account and you will be able to see it as cash ‘available to invest’.

Check under your ‘Activity’ tab.

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Hello there,

Sorry I was not clear enough. I got an email saying I received the dividend but it hasn’t been paid to me on my Freetrade account on my ISA. I do see it on the activity area but I can’t see the actual money that has been deposited on my ISA balance.

If you can see it in the activity area, then it’s probably already included in your balance.

When you click on the account tab, do you see an amount ‘Available to invest’?


It should be in that balance and if not, did you make a purchase after the dividend payment date (as specified in your email) and use up the cash that was paid to you?

The Payment Date is stated in the email (4th line down, after the Ex date).

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Does anyone else find it annoying that FT pay you a dividend, but you don’t get notified until later on in the day. Find it really difficult to keep track of the money available to invest. Unless you know exactly how much cash you have every day, I can’t tell if the dividend money has been added or not. I’m not saying there not paying me, but I just wish there was an easier way of keeping track as opposed to taking snapshots every day!


sometimes days later

Yep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - there needs to be a rolling balance figure like on a bank account so that you see the effect of each transaction.