Dropbox - DBX 📦

Earnings came out. Up 22% since then.

Discovered this through a competitor’s app which showed who was up and down the most today. They also show news headlines.

That’s a surprise. I never saw the appeal of dropbox, it felt like a low margin commodity product. But I’ve never used it in an enterprise environment.

Box earnings are due next week.

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Anyone knows what’s behind the earnings beat?

The share price is now above $22. The IPO price was $21. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Share buyback announced. I wouldn’t recommend Dropbox as a product because of their syncing issues - same with Microsoft OneDrive. Migrating from Dropbox may be the reason why many corporates are sticking around.

The market is ripe for a correction, that FOMO feeling won’t be around for long. It’s retail investors vs algorithmic trading acting on momentum.

What syncing issues?

I’ve been using Dropbox for over 10 years, most of that time as a paying customer with over 50GB in my account, and never had a single syncing issue that I can recall.

I also tried some of the main competitors a few years ago and didn’t feel as confident in their sync speed or reliability.

It’s just experience of some people through work who have lost hours of work because of it while switching computers. This could also be because they were on Windows 10 using Office 365 and Dropbox. On Reddit there’s plenty of chatter about similar examples:

However, some people love Dropbox and that’s splendid. The more players, the merrier. Users don’t want to be stuck with only an “Internet Explorer” for browsing.

Played the dangerous game and bought in a couple days before the earnings update - luckily it paid off and up about 20%.

Going to give it a few days to see where this one goes - so much talk about Dropbox being a poor quality product which is making me want to cash in now.

Anyone in a similar situation?

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