Backblaze (BLZE) 💾

So…can anyone explain to me in simple terms why their share price is going all over the place? They haven’t made any announcements yet it seems to shoot up and down like they have a daft billionaire in charge of their twitter account.

Any ideas?

There’s already a thread for this company. As for the share price, what’s wrong with it? Doesn’t seem to be all over the place at all. It’s risen fairly steadily since it’s IPO with a couple of heavy buy ups and sell offs

I couldn’t find it and as I say, I don’t understand why it’s going up and down and although it has risen you can clearly see it’s gone up and down.

Stocks go up and down. Having had a quick look at it apart from a couple of days of large buys and sells probably down to people selling from the initial IPO it doesn’t seem to be all over the place?

Is there a specific time your concerned about?

Hi, no that explains it pretty well. I was just looking at the last couple days. Thank you for explaining

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