Saga - System issues


I’ve messaged first thing but its been over 3 hours and I’ve not had a reply.

The Saga shares have been amalgamated but the quotes, and unit numbers are not updating and I’m unable to sell and the price keep dipping further and further down.

Can we at least have some comms with an update on fix times as this is costing people money.



Same issue here. Come on Freetrade give some response to this?

And the financial impact to this is getting worse and worse as the day goes on.

Is it working now?

It for me

Not sure how this helps…we know what was happening just not how poor it was going to go and that you could trade any stock although the price dropped 10% in the time you were froze out.

considering the price has been continuously dropping for months im curious why anyone would wait for a consolidation event before trying to sell on the day of the consolidation?

That’s because we all think differently, no rules, no guarantees and 100% certs the only thing we can count on is that not everyone thinks the same.

So what you would do isn’t always what others would do. As for the consolidation it’s purely superficial in the same why Tesla and Apple splitting up there is reasons for it all but nothing that should sign a guaranteed increase or decrease in either.

If it was a guarantee drop of 10% after consolidation you could of made a pretty penny on shorting it.