Saga raising additional funds - how does it work for shareholders on FT?

Saga PLCs price has jumped significantly today following an announcement that they plan to raise additional funds (

In the announcement it says that existing shareholders will be able to buy shares capped at 15p/share. So how does that work within the platform at FT? Information greatly appreciated! :eyes:

Bump! I’d like to know this too!

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My best ‘guess’ :-

Since placing and open offers are not mandatory events nor carry pre emption FT simply might not allow you to participate as it’s operationally messy… but then again they might

I got an open offer form that I can elect to fill in from FT today, so I guess that’s how we participate…

Yup me too. Form completed and appropriate funds have been added. :slight_smile:

I did get notification from Freetrade a day or 2 after posting however I haven’t taken the option as they’re likely to be less than the offer shortly!

Yeah, currently at 0.1141 as opposed to the offer of 0.12. So I’ll just make a call before the execution date on the 28th as to whether I leave the funds available.

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