Email about Saga

I’ve just had this email. Can anyone shed any light on what it might be about (and where i would look for a notification) because as far as I know I’ve never invested in those stocks.

The Saga placing and Open offer.

Just check the LSEs RNS

Can’t help you with wether you bought Saga or not. Maybe an FT error.

I have received the same email as well. Is this an error?

I’ve checked my activity log and I’ve never bought Saga. I’m guessing it’s either an error or scam (though I can’t see what it would achieve)

Same here, received this email. Seems like a scam or error

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I would imagine error rather than scam. I have invested in SAGA and this is a basically a reminder to register before the deadline to buy shares at a reduced price relating to the capital raise. Not that I will be buying any at the special price as that’s higher than the current sp.

Apologies for this. :pray:

The team seem to have sent this email to the correct customers, but our email provider has delivered this message to customers that don’t hold this stock. We’re investigating.


Thank you for the clarification.

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