Email / push notification for new additions to the Stock Universe

(Big Boss) #1

Alert me when new stocks are added to the Freetrade Universe
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Nice idea! I think some users might find that a bit spammy so once we have the layout with cards, maybe we should just have a dedicated ‘New’ section in the Discover tab to display stocks that we’ve added recently. What do you think?

Aston Martin IPO confirmed

I think that’s a great idea :smiley:

(Big Boss) #4

That’s very sexy. I like it! :+1:t3:

Didn’t think about the spamming.

(Jeff puckering) #5

Looks great! :+1:

(Andrew Clark) #6

Was just on Twitter and saw that you’d added Aston Martin to your universe - I should definitely have a push alert when the Universe expands. Even opt in or opt out of that feature.

What other cheeky shares have you added???

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Hey Andrew! Justin beat you to making this suggestion yesterday I’m afraid so I’ve moved his idea to it’s own topic & moved your post over here. I hope that’s ok!

Aston Martin’s the only one so far but there’s a few more on the way :grin:

Maybe we could send an in-app notification via the live chat until we’ve got something more permanent set up?

(Andrew Clark) #8

Agree re spamming but think there will be times you will want to push - Aston Martin was a bit special. Off to buy a single share for bragging rights as I don’t think they’ll make me much.

(Harry) #9

Can we have an email summary weekly with newly added shares? Or a weekly push ‘Look what we have added’ kind of thing?

(Alex Sherwood) #10

We’ll mention them in the #freetrade-chat:weekly-wraps if that works?

(Harry) #11

Yep great idea! An additional feature and I already read it so no spam problem. Push notification in time maybe, but again like a bulk process kind of thing?


Yes please add number of invites sent out as well as number of users now on boarded :blush: ie ones that have actioned their invites.

I read it weekly too