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Note that CTY and SMT are not ETFs. They are actively managed Investment Trusts not tracking any index. They have concentrated portfolios that may shift their geographic allocation, like CTY has decided not too long ago to be less UK focused

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Typically speaking, the top 4 have the same dividend payment schedule. I hold them all.

Also no overlap should be present as they are different world sectors.

From what I recall VFEM does not include Japan so despite the fact Japan is in Asia, the fact it’s considered to be developed Asia and not emerging Asia means no overlap is present between those two.

As for SMT and CTY. They are investment trusts. I also don’t know what’s in them.


By definition there is overlap, after all three of those ETF’s are geographic subsets of the top one (VWRL). Also your two Investment trust SMT and CTY are concentrated stock picks that will include at least some of the stocks that will be in the ETF’s.

I would recommend that you read Passive Investors - ETF Portfolio Discussion as a part of your clean up operation.

Good luck and Enjoy.


Thanks for the comments @bitflip, I’ll take a look!

Those links have some holdings details

I would instead recommend going to to the Trusts’ own pages and reading the full breakdown there - they are more comprehensive and more useful. And generally very easy to read.

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Not an ETF But would recommend a small holding off £VOF Vietnam Opportunity Fund.

Excellent portfolio NeilB :+1:

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Be careful of that ongoing charge… 1.39% :dizzy_face:


Yeah it’s very high, but there are only 2 x Vietnam trusts available. The div pays the fees … I’d rather have no div. But the growth so far is good and has good potential.