Thoughts on doubling up ETF Coverage?

My Side hustles finally paid of an now I have cash that needs to go to work.

I’ve invested in specific shares before but never in an ETF and I’m interested in getting peoples thoughts on ETFS that have a coverage crossover.

My potential vanguard ETF investments (Via freetrade ofcourse) below:
40% VWRL
30% VUSA
10% VHYL
10% VFEM

my concern is that I’m basically investing in everything twice and in some cases 3 times and that I could simplify my portfolio by going heavier on VWRL and cutting down or even getting rid of some of the others.

Appreciate any replies.



70% VEVE
10% VHYL
10% VFEM
10% WLDS


There’s some comments around this here:

I’d say you basically have 2 options to remove the overlaps:

  • Simple - Go heavier on VWRL and reduce the geographic tilts (USA, EM, UK, JPN)
  • Cheap - Reduce VWRL and try and get equivalent exposure using smaller geography ETFs (although you are currently missing a few areas)

The simplest way to do the later would be VEVE+VFEM (Dev + EM), or you could do EM + N America + Europe + Asia ex + JPN or whatever other way you want to split it up.


I think it depends on the portfolio size, I think a smaller portfolio should just focus on 1 or 2 funds because there are no fractional shares on ETFs. So you might not be able to add in the same proportions, unless adding +£1000 every time.

I’d say you could go 80-90% VWRL and then rest bonds. VWRL already has 6.5% Japan and 4% China, 4% UK and EMs.

In my case I don’t have VWRL at all, so I there is no overlap. VUSA, ISF (VUKE), VMID, EMIM (VFEM), EQQQ (Nasdaq, some overlap here, not needed but I love this ETF) and Bonds.

Just my thoughts. Not financial advice…


thankyou for the detailed reply! i’ll look into this approach!

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thankyou! i’ll so some research and figure out which is better for me. appreciate the reply

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