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I’m quite happy to continue buying shares in Evraz. As I’ve said before, a lot of this drop is panic selling because of its Russian history, combined with the stock split with Rasp. Personally I think it’s dropped far below its real worth minus the Rasp element.

Once the Rasp share sale has gone through, and the Ukraine issue is settled, I think this stock will eventually get back to its previous heights.

I’m long term on this, after all, Steel is always required and the world always settles down after a bit of Sabre rattling.


How much further do people think Evraz will drop? Ive averaged down from £5.81 per share to £4.51 per share but that still puts me in a -31.74% position at the moment.

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But you now hold a separate position in the spin off coal business RASP it is on the Russian Stock market which ft don’t support so they will be sold on your behalf the money getting to you by October.


Whilst we cannot trade Rasp on FT, we can get exposure to it in the future. Many ETF’s have put it in their funds.

I’m treating the money we get from the sale of our Rasp shares in October as a discount on what I have paid for my Evraz shares.

Currently Rasp is around 469roubles or £4.50 a share if my maths is correct.

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I’m hoping the money we get from the Rasp stock will soften the blow from how far the Evraz share price has gone down I’m nearly down 50% again.

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I’ve just read that if you held stocks on the 16th of feb 6pm then should receive rasp stocks is this true? And when will we receive them?

Is this a good time to buy? What do you think will happen when they war starts? How will it effect this shares ?

They will be sold and you get the money in October.


Do you think they will still pay the Dividend at the end of March?

Cool thank you for the quick response

Yes as doesn’t really start affect till Oct :thinking::+1:t2:

Can anyone explain why for the last month when the threat of invasion has been looming, the price has tanked but on the very day that Russian troops enter Ukraine, the share price climbs circa 12%!

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Because Russia 4TW

I don’t know.

Speculate that Putin’s goal was to annex the area for now. Crimea was 8 years ago. Perhaps someone reasons we have another 8 years of status quo until they take Ulkraine.
China is watching the Western response, and they could well take Taiwan, but this idea is naive and shows my poor understanding of US-China relations and Taiwan.

From the Seeking Alpha news letter issued today:

Russia’s benchmark stock index, the MOEX,plunged 10.5% for its largest daily percentage decline since the invasion of Crimea in 2014, while the pan-continental STOXX Europe 600 slid 1.3%. Jitters are also showing up in America, with futures contracts tied to the Dow and S&P 500 slipping 1.3% and 1.5% overnight, while the Nasdaq fell back 2.2%.

Analyst commentary: “A limited invasion of Donbas would be a temporary headwind on risk assets, but we would not view that as a bearish gamechanger unless it spiraled into a broader conflict between Russia and the NATO,” Kinsale Trading wrote (in a research note. In Goldman Sachs’ worst case scenario, a 10% decline in the Russian ruble would push the S&P 500 down another 6% compared with Friday’s close, with several more percentage points of weakness seen in Europe. Deutsche Bank also pointed out that typical geopolitical selloffs are usually around 6%-8% on average, taking three weeks for stocks to bottom and another three for them to recover.*

EVR.L is a 31% strong buy on Yahoo. Some Buy and Hold. No sell ratings.
Russian government does not care about sanctions nor how the West views them. Their world view is totally alien to the West’s.


Wow! :grimacing:

Been trying to buy all morning but it’s just rejected every time

Why is my buy order being rejected???

Hi @Haus @Hughes007 & Anyone else who’s been trying to buy today.

You should be approaching the market with caution and this stock like you might approach a hungry :sauropod: who’s been on a diet. if you need an explanation as to why you’re orders are failing I would suggest more research into what you’re doing before trading in this kind of thing.

In short there are likely limited on no sellers / very few sellers at the currently price after all why would anyone who holds a significant volume sell today? The damage has been done.

You can see trades happening here but they’re likely algorithmic trades that are being placed and matched faster than yours or are orders being executed at worse value than you would be happy with.

Approach this is extreme caution, you’re as likely to make a quick :coin: as you are to wake up tomorrow and find trading halted or the Russian state nationalising the company for 5p a share.


71% down obvs not selling might even get taken off me :thinking: won’t be buying anymore for long time until we see resolved issues and bit of decent climbing


Thank you for the advice I am fairly green to it all. I thought I was being greedy but clearly to greedy not consider what putin might do :+1: