Expanded free and Plus stock universe 🔥 18 SEPTEMBER 2020

Hey @zaccharles, the full outline of the free and Plus universe is in the original post above :+1:

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Are you referring to me saying you have guidelines that you may not publish? You’re right, there is are pretty good translarancy on guidelines there. (I’ve updated my post)

Separate, but related, will stocks move between Free and Plus based on their market cap growing or shrinking, or other factors? Is it a one way move in future?



Iam confused! ( which dosnt take much)
Is this a new account that we have to pay for? If so how much is it???

Separate, but related, will stocks move between Free and Plus based on their market cap growing or shrinking, or other factors? Is it a one way move in future?

Since it depends on the index to which the stock belongs it should be easy for FT to see what’s moving. I hope they have a (automated) process in place to monitor this

Hi, Plus is our premium account which will launch in the next few weeks.

Here’s some more information on it.

You can request an invite here.


I seem to be able to sign up for plus when search for a plus share, but can I claim my 3 months free plus?

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Good spot @jmenacho - a nice easter egg you’ve found there :wink: That one must have slipped through the net, but I’m happy you’ve signed straight up! :raised_hands:


It mentions that the free trade plus account is ever inproving and has plans in the pipeline, can someone elaborate what these are apart from paywalling niche stocks?

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Hey. I know this is a bug - and this is likely why this has happened - but I sneakily tried to sign-up via this method. The charge was going to be 77 pence and was labelled Freetrade ISA. Is there any way I can actually sign-up in this way and be charged correctly, or will this loophole be closed soon?

Edit: Never mind! The 77 pence payment seemed to be to cover the time until the first subscription payment is due on the 1st of next month.

Sad to see Begbies pay walled, relatively highly requested for >12months and taken away within ~3 months.

Overall, glad the split is clean and easy to understand.

Seems I’ve signed up to plus, if I unsubscribe will this effect my isa? I’m worried about unsubscribing as this feature is in its beta stages and any number of bugs may be present.

Taking away stocks that were free and putting them behind a paywall seems like a bit of a cheap play.


Gutted that the current popular AIM stocks are only available for Plus - will any be available in free ?

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I noticed i can join it in the app by going through a plus stock. Is that intended at this time?

Edit: someone already mentioned and replied about this :slightly_smiling_face:

The execution speed seems to have greatly increased over the past months and to the naked eye it seems that the release of the investment platform played a big role.

It’s seems as every week there is something tasty on the menu.

Great work @Ian and the FT Team!

Judging by the recent ISA campaign ending on 30th Sep seems like a potential launch date for the Plus…


Thank you from myself and the team for the feedback.

A lot of hard work has gone into these improvements and we’re very proud. Plenty more to come though so keep the feedback coming!


Yes it says the whole aim 100 is free.

It looks like I’ve signed up through the app too. I see I can buy the plus shares now but I can’t see how to set limit orders ?

Hiding stocks behind a paywall doesn’t really line up with the “Freetrade” name and even more so with the fact some of these your users could buy with no issues a few months ago and now are effectively being forced into adhering to your paywall if they want to keep buying them, well that or finding another brokerage which is not good for either party . That doesn’t feel consumer friendly practice to me. Hopefully more features are coming to plus to justify its high price point.