Faradion sodium ion battery

Please add this as a stock. Sodium batteries will be a major energy supply going forward.

What makes you think this? I don’t know a ton about sodium ion batteries so i’m interested in the chemistry LCOS, ideal applications and how they compare to readily available alternatives.

I’ve been in on Vanadium flow via Invinity for a while, so the comparatively higher energy density of sodium ion does concern me from that angle, however they currently have a shorter life span, so we will see how that plays out.

This is an interesting little paper that makes some comparisons - https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0378775323008029

My view is based on articles linked to them being the potential future for large static batteries as they are far cheaper and less fire risk than similar situations with lithium

How do they weigh up against VFB? Do you see the cheaper upfront cost of SI being attractive despite their shorter lifetimes? (Which may result in a higher overall LCOS for SI IMO).

I’m not sure I would compare them to lithium. Longer term I don’t see lithium ion as being the way for large stationary batteries, hence my IES investment. However the declining lithium price has slowed adoption of other technologies imo. I’m hopeful for an uptick in the Li price to make VFB (or other grid scale technologies) more attractive.

For now I think i’ll stick with having my main investment in VFB. They have a long history, and the many millions of $$ it takes to develop and commercialise a product already ploughed in. I will be keeping a close eye on other developments though.

To go back to your original point though Faradion is not publicly traded, it’s owned by Reliance Industries. Reliance Industries is publicly traded but it’s shares are listed on the Indian stock exchange so it’s unlikely to appear of FT anytime soon. (Also it probably wouldn’t make any sense to invest in a ginormous conglomerate because you like one minuscule part.) It does somewhat allay my point above about how capital intensive battery development and commercialisation is though given RIs resources.

Also also - it took me about 5min to do the above research. If you haven’t even looked into who owns the company or if it’s publicly traded etc before requesting it I would urge you to do some proper research before ploughing in any cash!