Finding non-ISA shares?

Is there a simple way of finding out which shares are not compatible with ISA accounts?
Most of my funds are in my ISA but I have a little fund in my GIA which I try and use just for things that I can’t hold in my ISA. I’ve only ever found them by chance but is there a way of easily finding them?

ISA compliance is not simple

I’ve spent (wasted) years of my life battling ISA compliance/eligibility.

Give me the stocks your curious about and I’ll let you know. (name, isin, ticker… any identifier you have)


Just use this Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy


This is a really useful tool, thanks for sharing. However, it’s so close but still not there. That site allows me to filter and only show which shares are available in an ISA, but I can’t seem to find a way of it doing the opposite and listing the shares that are not available to an ISA.

For me, if something is available to an USA, I would want to hold it in my ISA, so my GIA is for shares that I have no choice but to not hold them in an ISA. It’s just difficult finding them.

But surely you only invest in companies you want to put money on for a good reason and not just because they can’t go in an ISA. Just check these stocks you decided are good to invest in on the list. Maybe I am missing something :rofl:

Yes but being able to easily see and browse what is available can help me refine which companies to look more into or keep an eye on.

That is what I don’t get. :rofl: Surely the ISA issue is the last step and not the first. If a company is good for you then put in ISA if it can and GIA if not. If you end up with no Non-ISA stocks then so be it.

It seems as if you are trying to actively find non ISA stocks rather than actually needing any in your portfolio. :+1: This just seems to be the backwards way of looking at what to invest in. Not trying to be an ass but it seems very odd to me that is all.

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Use the spreadsheet Freetrade Investment Universe - Google Sheets

But I agree with @Big-g , what you want to do doesn’t make sense, if it’s ISA compatible doesn’t really play a part in if it’s a good company or not.

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