Isa inquiry

How do you know if a stock is isa eligible from freetrade app?

If I’m not mistaken… by default they are, and if not it’s annotated (as I can see some stocks with a mention of “not part of ISA”)…

It only shows as Non ISA when I am in my ISA account; the same stock when I look in my GIA has no Non ISA tag; RECI for example

You can also look it up here

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I have this question too as I am a bit confused. Iv emailed Freetrade today.

My query is why does, for example, morning star and ishares website mention ishares msci world and Korea etf non isa, but inc in isa in Freetrade and no non isa tag so I assume isa eligible?

Not an expert so honest question. :slight_smile:

It says they are both ISA eligible on the iShares website, are you talking about IWDG and IKOR?. I have IWDG MSCI world in my ISA too.

Not sure if this screen shot will work but yes on mornings star for example IWDG it says isa:no under ‘purchase details’. I might not be understanding correctly hense my question.

A but I see on ishares website it say ‘yes isa eligable’.
Thanks. I really thought I saw no on ishares website so I was confused. Cleared up now. Probable another reference on mornings tar that I will learn what it is soon. Tnx. :+1:

Yeah no worries, I just checked others and that says no for almost every ETF, even VUSA and ISF which are common ISA ETFs, so it might mean something else but I’ve no idea what. And I’ve had them in my ISA for years now.