Fintech privacy and security - FT Transfer forms

I m exploring FT for my ISA.
To transfer an ISA, I will have to email the form.

Email is an outdated, insecure form of communication. Also this means my and FT’s email provider will always have a copy of my ISA form.

I was not expecting this from a FinTech company.
A website to upload a form will help.

I may have to stay with my current provider till this is fixed.

I appreciate the work FT has done so far.:clap:
I hope this will improve sooner.:pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Also need to look at SIPP transfer process next.

Email the completed

form to us at

Please let me know if there is any other way to transfer ISA. Thanks

Any help will be appreciated.
Many thanks

Wait til you find out you have to post the SIPP transfer documents, and at any point the postman could open it!

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Wait until your find out who hosts their website… :grimacing:

Email isn’t outdated. Nor is it necessarily insecure.

Not sure why you wouldn’t expect a fintech company to use email.


@jspen @Eden Thanks for your comments.

@sampoullain @Viktor @adam
I would like to switch my ISA and SIPP to Freetrade
But my data safety privacy security is much more important to me than savings on trading fees.

Thanks :pray:

You realise that your current provider will use email as well?

In fact in one isa transfer I did with another provider I had to print out a form to fill out then scan and email to them.

I don’t say this to cause issue but your concerns I think are not inline with the risks. There’s no thing insecure about freetrades email

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Assuming FT use Gmail it all goes to the same place at the end of the day, Google’s servers

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How do you think the 2 companies would exchange details for a transfer? Secured lorry?

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How two companies exchange data is up to them. Twitter or Fakebook their choice

My point is very simple. I don’t want to use plain text email for account specific query.
Email is ok for general communication.

There is a reason why Banks in the UK don’t send statements as email attachement.

What I am requesting is an online form where I can fill details and sign digitally.

Any response from FT officials willbe appreciated :crossed_fingers::pray:

My point was you specifically mention security but now say you don’t care if they use email to pass details to each other. Surely that would be of equal concern?

@Big-g If I cannot control it then it’s not my concern.
If FT is placing order in LSE by email then can I change it?

Then your overall concern is frankly invalid. It would be the illusion of security as nothing would have actually improved, you’d just think it had.

Theres nothing particularly sensitive on the transfer form except form PII which will be handled accordingly. Its also not the same as a statement so im not sure where that example comes from?

If you’re concerned about your own email provider that’s really a you problem, maybe you should consider switching to a provider you trust with your data?

Freetrades email provider follows all the expected and required security and privacy requirements.


Have you contacted support direct.

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Hi @newuserft, and sorry for the delayed reply.

Our email providers leverage Transport Layer Support (TLS) in transit and therefore any file you send would also be protected as long as you’re using an email provider that matches this. TLS is used to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the Internet.

The most popular services such as Gmail and Hotmail both leverage TLS by default. In regards to your retention concern, we’re required by our regulators to retain all support queries for 5 years, whether it’s email or Intercom in-app messages.

Please get in touch directly with support if you need anything else.

Thanks @sampoullain
I’ve already contacted support.

I understand TLS.But it doesn’t solve problem of data stored on email server.
I would like to see an InApp ISA transfer form or web form.

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