First ten bagger πŸ’š

After thinking 100% increase was a 10bagger for like 3 years :face_with_head_bandage::upside_down_face::joy:

(I’m dyslexic, be kind)

Finally I can say I’ve joined the club

Can you guess the stock?image


No idea but congratulations! :+1:


I would guess Tesla as it’s gone up to an all time high today, and the odds are pretty low that any other stock has also hit all time high today, as well as being a 10 x bagger since Freetrade launched like 2-3 years ago.


Congrats! I only know this because had a similar result myself.


:clap: Well done mate I obv have given too
many clues :joy:

Can’t imagine what Cathie Woods unrealised Gains look like atm :eyes:

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Looks like she bought at around $300 (adjusted for the split).

Just beat me, mine was around $335.


Nvidia hit an all time high yesterday as well, as did Microsoft. In fact the S&P 500 itself hit an all time high so It’s likely there are quite a few

As well as being a 10 x bagger since Freetrade started! ^

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Fair point, NVDA is almost a 10 bagger if you bought the low in dec 2018 though. It’s merely a 6 bagger for me

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Amazed when I saw how big Nvidea were the other day, 3 x bigger than Intel. I assumed Intel had a way bigger business and were more ubiquitous.