Flux - digital receipts

Review for a review? - if you’ve used our product too of course

Flux is also asking users for Trustpilot reviews and it’d be nice to share the FinTech love, https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.tryflux.com :slight_smile:

I’ve been following Freetrade’s progress closely and now use the app for my entire investment portfolio - the user experience is beautiful and I’ve managed to convince five of my friends to download and give the app a spin.

Looking forward to the next crowdfunding raise too!


Only been using it less than a week but support what you’re doing :white_check_mark:

Any chance of Flux doing a crowdfunding round? I’ve had a Google alert set up for Flux for about a year so I don’t miss it if it happens but no luck yet.


Barclays incubator programme or something like that, doubt there’s much need for it but hasn’t stopped companies before!

For those following Flux I just recorded a podcast with one of their Product Designers.

Quite interesting what they are doing on the merchant side in terms of more targeted loyalty schemes and enabling them to do stuff like seamless product recalls in the future.

Interestingly they don’t seem too concerned about Monzo and co providing their own loyalty scheme offerings.