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Monetise your football knowledge in the football player stock market & spice up your fantasy league team with skin in the game :soccer:

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Gamble responsibly :rotating_light:

So I signed up to this almost 3 years ago and then promptly forgot all about it until recently.

The initial £10 stake of R.Barkley and A.Lookman now stands at a healthy £35. So perhaps the best tactic is just to select young players and then do nothing for a while.

Incidentally whilst browsing through the terms and conditions I discovered that if your player dies you lose your stake! Seems a bit harsh. Sorry Gigi, you’re out. Additionally each share apparently only lasts for 3 years, at which point you lose your stake (sneaky)! So no buying a Freddy Adu and then profiting 15 years down the line from dividends, or not, depending on your scouting department.

You also seem to get dividends from players being in the media. So anyone holding Tammy Abraham seems to get a bonus from him being in the news for being racial abused. :-1:

Yes, this is my strategy to buy and hold a mix of youthful players with good prospects to have a breakout season e.g. Joe Willock, but also noticed a lot of the big money is made from media dividends e.g. popular players like Neymar & Messi etc.

Going to have a deeper dive into the terms :face_with_monocle:

Have £100 fun money in there & still figuring out my strategy, so it’s early days but have mates who’ve made a killing!

I’m not someone who follows football so I’ve not looked at this yet. But I know a friend of mine has made £1500 from Football Index investing. That really took me by surprise but he showed me proof. So it definitely does seem to be a valid investment option for those interested.

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It’s not investing, it’s gambling. Almost the exact definition of gambling, since there is absolutely zero underlying value, you just bet with other guys which player will be playing better.


Agree, I think it’s best to call it gambling rather than investing.


FI is a great idea and is trying to kill people away from bookies.

Like stocks it is driven by data and speculation but there are some great resources out there. Football index edge is one I have used.

I have been on the platform for a few years and it continues to grow but all data is through opta stats.

If anyone has any questions give me a shout,

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Saying that in the old Champ Manager days you’d have made a killing! Ronaldinho at Gremio, Saviola at River Plate…although would have lost a fortune on Cherno Samba :see_no_evil::joy:


Jadon Sancho is a baller. Which young prospects we thinking will have a break out season? Currently holding Reiss Nelson, Reece James and Ryan Sessegnon as part of my portfolio, but it’s in need of a rejig overall.

Is this tool free? I probs won’t use it as I’m more of a passive holder but curious anyway.

Mark Kerr from Falkirk :joy:

Champ man 01-02!


I use the football index.

It has simply been the best investment I have ever made. I have traded on and off on betfair for years and always made a profit over the course of the year even taking account of the odd bad month.

But football index and the is usually a lull in the market in November has shown the best returns of all my investments and far easier then some of the investments that I have spent hours and hours deciding to make.

I put in £500 in the first year and have taken that out and another £500, bank currently stands at £1,300.

My tip as others have said is a mixture of young promising players for the future and established attacking players who will win you dividends.

Got in early on Havertz and will wait till after the Euros next summer when I expect him to be sold to Bayern.

Looking at youth players in the championship who are likely to move to the premiership is a way if you are prepared to be patient and lock in the money for the season of making a good profit. Bowen at Hull is one I think will rise a lot by this time next year. I am sitting quite a bit on Che Adams as well.

Having worked as a green keeper on quite a few golf courses and got inside tips on who was looking good for some of the PGA events and which players were injured and were just going for practise were so helpful for my betting. I actually made more money off golf bets then anything else, because I have never met a caddy who did not love to gossip.

Football index seems a good way of making some money, but when doing it I just wished I worked in football, because some agents or hell even receptionists at football clubs are making a killing on this thing. With the way some obscure players are suddenly traded just before a transfer, yep the is inside knowledge there.

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I’d be interested in the football index, but it’s this which puts me off, the fact that it’s not a level playing field that there’s insider knowledge not available to all.

Well done to you though for being able to profit from it.

This strikes me as quite dodgy. How does the pricing even work? How do you know there’ll be a market for your sale?

Supply and demand (watch the video in my original post) :film_strip: You can sell instantly at the sell price (lower than the buy price due to spread commission) or you can queue a sell to receive the buy price (ie no spread) which matches you with a buyer of the player you want to sell.

Also, they have their own online community forum which I just discovered which is very active:

Some of the latest stats here:

Sounds interesting. As others have said I’d put this in the category of gambling not investing. But I might deposit my monthly ‘flutter allowance’ into this as opposed to Betfair!

It’s a betting platform so yeah by default they’re competing in this category :slot_machine:

It’s speculation at the end of the day, worth a flutter as you say, where the odds are more in your favour I’d say. Interesting concept for sure and love a bit of innovation.

Referral wiki

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Past week’s stats :eyes::

Email update :e-mail::

August was a record-breaking opening month on Football Index with around £70 million traded. A sizeable portion of that was traded on Champions League stars - with Kevin De Bruyne and Marcel Sabitzer seeing impressive rises.

Yes, indeed :soccer: Only deposited £100 :pound:

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Anyone out of interest, still using Football Index?

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