Forced Plus upgrade (not actually forced) [Resolved]

They specifically don’t seem to want to do this. switching up prices also just gets you lots of people angry that all of a sudden it’s doubled in price.

Do you actually only buy one stock per month that’s currently in plus? Because that arguments been made before by others and it turned out they just made up a scenario that didn’t actually exist or even apply to them.

If you do only buy that one stock per month then I agree it’s probably cheaper elsewhere where they have a single trade fee.

The price won’t suit all needs, it’s not meant to.

It’s exactly the same as why vanguard only makes sense for specific use cases. It’s cheap… until a point.


I have to say this decision didn’t sit well with me either and makes me think of moving, I’m only small casual investor but I have to say I am swayed by the information on T212, I keep a copy of all my Freetrade stocks on there in demo mode so I can view the different graphs via the app on the iPad. I’ve stuck with Freetrade so far but if stocks are going to start to disappear then I’ll have to re-evaluate why I should stick around again.


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