Ford 🦅 🚘 - F

Is that a refurbished truck from the 70’s?

Looks amazing doesn’t it! It’s a concept truck based on the heritage of the F150.

Looks great on the outside. The inside looks like they just slapped a modern plastic steering wheel in an old truck and glued an ipad to the dash

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Strong meme game :muscle:t2:

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Ford is flying recently. Up again today. Anyone got them for a 2022 bagger? they would have won last year…

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I didn’t have Ford as my bagger but I have been upping my holding as I expect great things of them over the coming years.

Will it all be built off the success of the electric F150? not sure if their small-mid range will do the same.

They’ll need to do something about their 2% profit margin if they want to tackle the $145bn debt. Hopefully they’ll have copied the Tesla / vertical integration for the F150 lighting. They have a 66% loyalty with the gas F150, if they can make enough and transition buyer over they’ll be on good footing

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Over $100Bn of that debt is from fords financing arm, it’s money that Ford has borrowed and and loaned out to customer when they buy vehicles on finance. It’s actually getting paid back by Ford’s customers (at a higher interest rate than Ford is paying). So It’s not as big an issue as it would be for most other companies and is actually a revenue stream for Ford’s finance arm


The more you know eh :thinking: so it’s actually an asset? So now I’m more annoyed that I like Ford early last year, brought and then sold up 10% to invest in something else. The old fisherman “it was this big” story

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Who knew.

Edit: @Dave did

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Well who knew ford was a bank :bank: :roll_eyes:

This is the thing, All the time time I see people justify Tesla share price by saying it’s not just a car company, but none of the big car companies are just a car company


True. But (also) being a bank reduces the valuation in general.

This is true. Ford also own Lincoln and Troller, another car company in Brazil, so Ford is not just a car company, it is three car companies and a money lender.

It has not been as quick as Tesla on the EV front but Ford has a great number of alternative fuel vehicle technologies under it’s belt.

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Banks and insurers trade with a much lower PE ratio than the rest of the market since the financial crisis.
There’s a couple of reasons people give, but I’d personally go for the impossibility of actually valuing a bank’s assets and risks based on its balance sheet (but give it a google).

Conglomerates also generally trade at a discount.

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Ford will split EVs and legacy autos into separate units as it aims to boost electric business

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Ford electric car news - 7 models by 2024!