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I tried to find a similar post elsewhere but couldn’t so I appolgise is this is a repeat.

Does anyone know how long the links last for?
I have a friend that joined over the weekend, so to help him out I sent him a previous free share link unused from 9 days ago … anyone know if this will still be okay to use for the free shares?

Hi :wave:
The referral link is valid for 30 days from the day it’s been created. Your friend needs to sign-up and top-up their account within that 30 day window. You can find all info how free shares work here:
Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Renata,

Thank you so much for the email and help! It is appreciated. Is there a way of tracking the progress of a link? My friend says that I should see in the Freetrade App the stage that it is at - app downloaded/ account created/ funds deposited etc. but I don’t have anything like that in my app.

First attempt at trying the free share thing so hoping I don’t make a mess up of it.

Best wishes,


Hi Josh,

Apologies about the delay here!

Once your friend uses the link, the pink referral banner on the Portfolio screen will be updated:

And once you click on it, you will see the progress of your friend:

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Thank you very much for the help and guidance

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Hi @RenataL, can the link be used by multiple friends to join during those 30 days?

Hi :wave: Each referral link is one time use only meaning you can refer one friend with one link, full terms are here:

You can request new link via this form and we’ll send it straight to your app: