Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

Having said all the above if Disney do expand like some forecast then they could be looking at very good growth as people sign up and the parks start to re-open.


Just found this thread. It’s a great piece of work by you guys for a novice like me. I recently started a small portfolio and have one of your picks in it from my own research. So that has given me a bit of confidence. It’s Greatland Gold, not a bagger yet but hopefully it will head that way. If the plans are you starting a new list in the coming months I will start to put a bit aside so I can jump on a few.


@AlanJones Netscientific PLC (LON: NSCI) love to have the AIM listed company on freetrade. This company has a great opportunity with covid19 and cancer vaccines development specialist. Do you know if FT will add it. Also I can find any requests for Netscientific.

It’s not looking great so far the overall investment is down a bit. Hopefully it can recover

Adding a few more to the list:

  1. Destiny Pharma
  2. Shield Therapeutics
  3. Rambler Mining


Have a good day everyone!

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Big merge from Premier Oil with Chrysaor birthing today HBR Harbour Energy …
Unfortunately nowhere to be found on FreeTrade or Capital …

AMGO update from £0.06 to £0.2441 = around 400%, 3 bagger today


Nearly there :upside_down_face: :grin: