Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

I don’t feel comfortable posting my entire list of holdings on here…


@Rollingskies are you able to update IPOE please, it’s showing as N/A after the merger.

How is this looking now, were almost 8 months into the year now

If you fix the prices for CCIV and IPOE with a Jan 1st figure and a figure when they merged:

1x ‘Bagger’ in the portfolio - CCIV with a 141% return
20x Stocks in a positive figure, with a total gain of 33%
40x Stocks in a negative figure, with a total loss of 35%

Overall the portfolio is down 10%

In comparison, VWRL is up 10% in the same time frame…


Lol, not quite the bagger I think anyone was expecting to remain at seven months in. Tbf given our composition we’ve outperformed our competitors in ARKK and EWI, SMT have done well to stay in the green.

I’ve got a feeling this will look very different indeed by Dec.

The start date was Jan 31st though, I think CCIV is actually more like +10% on that basis.

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Oh really. Well, zero baggers then!

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Is this thread still being maintained?

I can have another look today.

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These amateurs seemed to lose their enthusiasm as the losses mounted and the FT Baggers selection kept crashing.

Now, if you want to see someone losing money like clockwork, backing the losers and coming back for more then just follow my posts! :skull_and_crossbones: :cow:

Seriously though, it would be interesting to see what’s happened with this selection over the last few weird months!


Just took a look and it’s going badly, but still doing better than ARKK or Edinburgh Worldwide (the self-selected active peers)

Still ~-25% vs World and more like ~-30% vs a more equivalent benchmark (given the UK/US/Tech tilt) is quite painful.

No baggers but Cloudfare is very close at +98%, 21/61 in the green.


why baggers and not blaggers :wink:

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Intellia is my best performer this year, 130% YTD and was even better a couple of months back. No one picked that, including me :rofl:

I wasn’t really confident enough to pick anything at the time

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Boohoo for 2022


Lucid Motors LCID for 2022

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Grab for 2022
Arrival for 2023

Wasn’t here at the time but probably wouldn’t have participated. Not because I have a problem getting egg on my face but because when something I tip to rocket predictably drops 40% I don’t want to discourage people from buying it :laughing:


Thanks for the heads up :+1:

Share the tip and I’ll wait for it to drop :joy::smiling_imp:


Interested to see if you still are holding? What’s the latest value?

I’ve been a bit busy with other ventures in life, but I’m still holding and tracking it all (automatically) in a sheet!

Starting value: £6,103.68
Starting date: Feb 12 2020 (roughly)

Current value: £4,905.00

Ouch, bit of a drop-off. Still waiting for a bagger on my end. Well, it looks like none of us here are the 21st Century’s Nostradamus. Apart from @SpyrosL maybe. Thanks to a Cloudflare gamble, he’s in the running for some treats from the far east.