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“At present, a third of Nextmarkets’ customers are trading based on recommendations within the app”

Sounds quite different, like a mix of a Nutmeg/Wealthify type platform. Is it even legal here? Can’t imagine it would be nice if their recommendations turned sour.


New to investing? Your guide through the maze


Freetrade mentioned later on


I don’t have a subscription and the article is in french but here’s an interview with Viktor


Viktor quoted as saying launch will definitely happen in first half of 2021 in the above article :rocket:


Where’s those French translators when you need them!

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Viktor Nebehaj: “In addition to France, we plan to launch Freetrade in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland this year”
A UK commission-free trading app, Freetrade has raised more than £ 30million (roughly € 35million) to date. In 2021, fintech plans to launch in several European countries, including France, and to carry out a round of crowdequity financing. Meeting with Viktor Nebehaj, co-founder and CMO of Freetrade.
By Caroline Soutarson. Posted March 10, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. - Updated March 15, 2021 at 11:21 a.m.
Viktor Nebehaj
Where is Freetrade located?

We have 600,000 users in the UK, our historic base. We also have 1,000 users in the Netherlands and Ireland where we have launched beta test products to learn more about users outside of our home market. The experience in the Netherlands, for example, allowed us to think about KYC before any launch in Europe. Now we plan to open a European headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, as part of our pan-European expansion. In addition to France, we plan to roll out the Freetrade application in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland this year.

What is the schedule for launching Freetrade in France?

This should be done in the coming months. At the moment, it is possible for French customers to register on a waiting list. But undeniably, the launch will take place in the first half of 2021.


Welcome to 2021.


When FreeTrade launch in France, Germany, Ireland etc. Are they planning on offering the same product?
:black_small_square:London Stock Market and AIM
:black_small_square:US market

Or are they also planning on expanding into some of the European Stockmarket?

EU stocks addition has been in the works for a while.


Great news from Adam about the IPO in approximately 3 years


eToro IPO-ed via a SPAC this week @ $10B valuation. They do have 14M users.
One thing which I think its kind of cringe, is how they are marketing themselves as “the social investment platform”, just because you can subscribe to see other people’s portfolios. By the time, you invest in other people’s hyped stocks, you’re overpaying and end up being the bag holder.

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Etoro only have ~1m funded accounts.


I have heard this 1m funded accounts a few times now but don’t know what that means. Surely they don’t have 13-1 empty accounts and if they do then isn’t it just 1m accounts?