Why is Freetrade hardly in news?

I find very limited news coverage or promotion of Freetrade. Isn’t it odd?

It does seems odd but the company has been focused on spending more money on continuing to develop and improve the app than on marketing/advertising.

Here’s the news thread: Freetrade in the news 🗞️ - #437 by Phil

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300,000+ users with barely any news coverage… Image when it finally ramps up


Sometimes no news is good news!


Hey Shreyash - we’re working hard to get more coverage and there’s been a nice up-lift in the last couple of quarters. We actually generated nearly 100 pieces of coverage in Q4 alone!

A couple of highlights, but there’s lots more in the thread @weenie highlighted too.

We’ve had some great features with customers talking about the app:

We’ve had some attention on the cool new features and products that we’re launching/have launched:

We’re also getting some buzz going abroad as we ramp up our European expansion:

We’re talking about how we’re standing up for customers’ rights and customer protections:

We’re also drawing on the talents of our writers @DanLane and @DavidK to talk with the media about the performance of companies and shares that matter to FT customers:



It’s frequently in the news…

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