Freetrade is crowdfunding on Crowdcube 🎈


Is it still important to do if you are investing small amounts?


(Dave Smith) #166

Yes if the potential selling price puts you over the capital gains tax threshhold

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(Guillaume Mullebrouck) #168

I just noticed the 1.5% Crowdcube fee, was this also levied during the previous round?
I don’t remember a fee being added to the invested amount.


(Vladislav Kozub) #170

That is definitely not the case. The levy was introduced in November 2018, whereas the funding was in May 2018.

Freetrade, however, would have paid a fee themselves, although we do not know what that fee is.


(Viktor) #171

It’s a relatively new fee introduced by Crowdcube. I think @HannahCrowdcube could provide more information.

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(Emma (#20 😎)) #172

On the question wiki it says there are no plans to include VC. Is this an ideological decision or purely that there’s no need yet?


(Hannah) #173

Hi @gmullebr,

While we would love to continue providing a free platform to invest, a small investment fee was
introduced on 12th November 2018 introduced to cover some of our costs associated with providing
access to investment opportunities on Crowdcube. By introducing this fee, we can continue to
provide a platform that enables our members to invest in some of the most exciting and ambitious
businesses from across the UK and beyond, which previously would have been restricted to
institutional investors and ultra high net-worth individuals.

After thorough user-testing and a significant amount of engineering work, the investment fee, which
covers some of our costs associated with providing access to investment opportunities, is applied to
all investments made via the platform from that time onwards.

We published a number of FAQs about the investment fee prior to its launch in our Help Centre. To
ensure there wasn’t any confusion or lack of clarity on what investments the fee would be applied to,
updates to the investment process were timed to coincide with the launch of the fee.


(Viktor) #174

Great question!

The mission is making investing accessible to everyone. It just fits.

And we are still at a point we can scale well with crowdfunding. The customer growth in the past seven months and the quality of the team we managed to build are hopefully strong evidence for our investors.


(Alex Sherwood) #175

@saf @kenny

I know you’ve got some unanswered questions in this thread & I was going to move them over to this post AMA: Ask our CEO Adam your questions about our upcoming crowdfunding round 🗣 but it’ll mess with the flow of the conversation so would you mind posting them again there instead :pray:


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Hi Viktor, I become member today . Am I going to get early access ?


(Viktor) #178


Everyone who downloaded the app (and entered their email address), signed up on the website or is a member of this forum will get the head start link at 11:40 AM. :+1:



Seriously. Valuation with more than 100M!!.
End of 2017, BUX (trading app) was valued €52M with more than 1M users (100K + real money customers) with big VC investments. I am sure that Freetrade previous round valuation in 2018 was done considering the current growth and app released on both platforms. Unless management see that current growth is more than previous prediction, I would have thought the new valuation should be moderate somewhere between £22 M to £25M. Anyway as someone mentioned already, it is a paper gain and road to real gain would be a bit long . May be 3 to 5 years .


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(Marty Bell) #181

Pre-money valuation is roughly double for this round :slight_smile: No news on price per share as yet.

Via: AMA: Ask our CEO Adam your questions about our upcoming crowdfunding round 🗣

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Does that mean we can expect the price to be circa £1.00 to £1.10 ?

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Does the pitch deck only get released when the funding opens? (12pm 25th April)

So in theory you may only get a few mins/hours to analyse the information before making a decision.



I guess from 11:40? It’d be nice to have access before


(Rob N) #185

There’s a meet-up at the Freetrade office on Tuesday night, recent meet-ups have been recorded, put on the YouTube channel and packs have been shared in the community.

So we will likely see something beforehand, but not sure if that would be the official Crowdcube pack…


(Kenny Grant) #186

Would be nice to see the investment documents (investor pitch, business plan etc) released to everyone at that stage a couple of days before the raise, so that we have time to read the documents. I’m not keen on companies giving a very short time to look at these docs before investment rounds open and using FOMO to boost early investment. I see why they do it, it’s just it would be nice to make investment decisions without that pressure.