Freetrade Roadmap: Reloaded

One payment going being allocated to a portfolio of investments that you built: nice.

I’d love to see Lifestrategy or similar on Freetrade. There is clearly a market need for encouraging novice investors. But one problem with that and pre-made allocations might be that it’d qualify as Financial Advice, which I think Freetrade isn’t allowed to do.

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They might not be qualified now - but if Nutmeg can get qualified, I am sure Freetrade could too. This will definitely be a smart acquisition strategy for novice investors who can then be educated and introduced to building their own portfolios all on freetrade.

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Any chance you’d able to chuck this into the “better graphs” section? :wink:


Love a play on words and this message. Anything that clarifies & emphasises Freetrade is built for long term investing over short term trading is a differentiator. :ballot_box:


Is the ramp up of new stocks part of the investment platform? Or still legacy infrastructure?

I’d like to see multi-currency as a separate deliverable. I guess it’s part of the European expansion, but it could come earlier, or include US$ when it does.


I might of found a hidden page on your website relating to this :wink:


All I want for Christmas are fractional US shares


Great news about hearing ISA transfers will start soon! When transfers are allowed in, will it also be technically possible to transfer an ISA away from Freetrade? I’d just rather not feel trapped, that’s all.

Absolutely, yes, in fact we already offer transfer out as cash with no fees.


Hi Viktor,

Regarding the ‘new investment platform’, I’ve read previously that this will allow Freetrade to add thousands of stocks. There doesn’t seem to be reference to this above. Is there a timeline for when this will be complete and the thousands of stocks will be added?

For me, this is one of the key requirements as only having a few hundred stocks in the app really affects investment potential.


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This is the one:🍄-10x-more-us-stocks


It’s a fair question though. 10x is not exactly thousands. That was the key factor (timeline wise) I bought into the most recent financing round. Can you please be more specific?

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Will be good to get more ETF’s, are you going to be dropping anymore soon ? :grinning:

Well. There are 300 stocks roughly. 10 times 300 is 3000. Ten times more is thus 3000 more, which is by definition ‘thousands more’.


Isn’t it around 150, not 300?

There’s 129 :us: & 247 :uk: securities.

382 in total

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Thanks. So based on the roadmap, 2472 + 12910 is 1,784. Not thousands, but two thousand? Fair enough if so, some more clarify would be helpful though. US wise, there are approximately 6,000 stocks and ETFs listed on NASDAQ and NYSE - how exactly is the new platform going to work in terms of stock coverage expansion and selection? How capable is it to cover all the US stocks? What timeframe? I do believe this is what most of the folks have bought into when Adam mentioned “thousands of stocks” in the most recent round.

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There are approximately 3700 stocks. ETFs are not quite relevant because the majority does not comply with MiFID regulations and cannot be offered within the EU.

Two thousand stocks can effectively be considered as “thousands”. My guess is that Freetrade will switch on most large/mid cap and liquid stocks, then expand depending on demand. Also, Adam may have referred to other markets, such as EU, Canada, Switzerland, HK, Japan and others; in fact, European stocks are already on track in the next six months, followed by Asia afterwards. You can access more details here.

There is absolutely no point in offering every single stock for the sake of it if there are additional costs attached, otherwise, it will not be a sustainable commission-free service.


Not sure I agree with the last observation, otherwise these are all valid points if this is also what the company plans for in the first place and what is implied by “thousands”. How are US stocks selected though for the roll-out? Liquidity, buzz? What’s driving it? Thanks.