Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise

We’ll send the link to everyone on the waitlist.

In case there is very high demand, we’ll allow for overfunding. The goal is to make sure everyone from the Freetrade community (both investors and waitlist members) can invest! That’s the reason we’ll do an early closed phase for the excellent people who have already put their trust in us and come on board!


You’ve see circa 4x on your investment since the last round, so I for one would disagree that it makes sense for prior Crowdfunding investors to get any special treatment. Share dilution is part & parcel of early investing, but a smaller share of a bigger pie will always trump a bigger share of a smaller pie.

Spot on :ok_hand:


So the earlier investors don’t have pre-emption rights?

My opinion is that I don’t think this should be the case when it comes to Crowdfunding.

Whether or not they do in actuality is another matter that only FreeTrade can answer.

We’ve used the model Crowdcube structure in previous rounds, where investors have either A or B shares. Both classes of shares are the same except B shares do not have voting or pre-emption rights. You get A shares by investing more (different threshold depending on the round).

In this round, pre-emption rights are irrelevant as all existing investors have the opportunity to invest pro-rata, or more or less if they want.

In the future, we plan to still give all existing shareholders a chance to participate in future funding rounds. You could compare this to Monzo, who only offered B shares (ie no pre-emption rights), but still offered the small crowdfunding investors like me a chance to participate in their last round along with institutional investors.


We thought we’d share the rewards in advance. :money_mouth_face:

Any thoughts?


Did someone say launch party?


I’m liking the rewards. Free alpha for life for £5,000 looks nice … now where did I put that spare 5k? :wink:

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So roughly when is the fundraiser happening? just so I can get my fiancé’s sorted.

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Question. £1,000+ jump the queue. What if my Crowdcube email is different to the email I signed up to Freetrade with? How will you know it’s me in order to let me jump the queue?


We expect to start the early, closed phase within weeks. We’ll update this thread and send an email before it starts.

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Haha yes those fiancés are quite demanding :slightly_smiling_face:



We’ll verify the emails of the £1,000+ investors, i.e. literally email them to see which address should be bumped up.

Come on, you are probably top 5 with that number.

Not quite :crying_cat_face:

So if I want my Crowdcube email same as my Freetrade I should register again on the waiting list?

That face when you don’t have 70 friends to refer


Just ping us on live chat (that bubble icon on the website), and we’ll update your email for you. :+1:

Sounds good.

I remember seeing somewhere you’ll have some active users before the campaign is live, is this still the aim?

What’ll be the thresholds for share types A and B?

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