Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise

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Then why were we aiming for a round number! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I now have a random 54.something shares, makes me feel sick just thinking about it!!

Haha just kidding. A lower sp is always welcome ā€¦ well when buying :+1:

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Thatā€™s excellent. Thank you.

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Could you advise when Crowdcube will debit the money that weā€™ve invested / when the transaction will complete? I notice the money hasnt been taken from my account yet.

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Thanks - hadnā€™t seen any mention of that. Just noticed they mention a 7 day cooling off period.


Yeah thatā€™s just in case people have second thoughts. Doesnā€™t seem too many of those at the moment last time I looked. The money is normally within a couple of weeks of the close allowing for the 7 days. Crowdcube are normally very good working with you if you have any issues.

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Hi guys,

Managed to get some shares in this new crowdfunding round! Woohoo! :smile:

1 important question about this that came up when looking at the details: Are there any financial differences between series A and B shares? What I mean is if someone acquires Freetrade or they IPO - fingers crossed! - will series B and Series A shareholders get the same amount of money for the shares they are holding?

In other words, are there no Liquidation Preferences or similar things happening?

Cheers for your help! :slight_smile:




It appears Crowdcube will be taking the funds from the raise on the 30th of May instead of the time frames given at the time the Crowdcube fundraise was in progress.

The Crowdcube fundraise said that funds would be taken after the round ends in 30 days (this would be mid June). It appears though that Freetrade is doing this sooner than expected.

Iā€™m not sure if I speak for others but I made my investment based on the expected cash flows I would have around mid June. I donā€™t appreciate the terms being changed this way.

Also Im a bit surprised that Crowdcube is allowing this change considering it is ordinary investors who are participants in this round who wouldnā€™t always have cash lying around for date shifts.

Could the collection dates please stay the same as when you opened the round? I would also point out that Monzo had their round filled within minutes but they still waited the full 30 days before starting to collect funds.

If the terms were going to be this way the least that could have been done was to let investors know at the time the Crowdcube fundraiser was made that you would collect the funds as soon as you closed the round, rather than letting the 30 days period pass, before the 7 day cooling off period begins.


While with Monzoā€™s first round (while they were still Mondo) the payment was collected around 25 days after they were funded the payments were collected for the second and third rounds after 10 days and 6 days respectively if what I can see on the crowdcube website is accurate.

I had a quick look on the crowdcube website and found this:


Hi Bob,

I was in both of these rounds and the cooling off period started once the round ended at the terms given on the investment page. The round was closed to further investment when it met targets but the cooling off period started after the round was supposed to end timewise (which may have been those days).

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It is my understanding that the process Crowdcube is following is their standard process. It is the same process that was followed for our two previous Crowdcube rounds, which were closed prior to the initial 30-day period due to hitting the investment cap early.

Unfortunately there isnā€™t a way for us to defer payment as shares are issued fully paid, meaning the cash must be received by us before the share certificates are issued.

Iā€™m sorry for any confusion about the process. I know Crowdcube does let you adjust down your investment pledge, so while not ideal, you could still make an investment amount that fits your current situation.


Thatā€™s a shame. Anyway thanks for clarifying this. Yes I can see it from the history but the timeframes seem to have sped up a bit by about a week & the end of the month vs a week after could make all the difference.


The Share Price calculation has included all currently issued A Ordinary and B Investment shares and shares which could be issued (but which have not yet vested) under the Companyā€™s EMI option scheme, which is a maximum of 1,131,248 B Investment shares.

More of a curiosity but is 1,131,248 really the maximum shares under the EMI scheme?

I know you are hiring right now and are there plans to allocate more shares?

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Just in case you still have not found the answer, the only difference between A and B shares is that A have voting rights. All other financial aspects are identical. A shares also do not have preference payout rights in case of liquidation.

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Great. Thanks a lot. Thatā€™s exactly what I was looking for. :grinning:

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Hi @tommy if you wish to invest more please submit your interest in the pitch here:

We will contact interested parties if investment becomes available

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Hi there
I bought shares on CrowdCube, when and how do I get them issued?

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Hi @GD13, theyā€™ll be issued once the funding process has been completed and youā€™ll receive an email from Crowdcube informing you when your share certificate is ready.

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Ok thanks for that. Whats the timeline here to set expectations ?
Also what is the holding structure of the company etc - will that be transparent?