Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise

(Alex Sherwood) #494

The segment with Adam in it starts at about 1:24:45 :clapper:

(Viktor) #495

(Jeff puckering) #496

The freetrade legal review doc from crowdcube I just received states the shares were bought at Ā£0.521053 not 54p as expected, not that Iā€™m complaining just entrigued in case I am missing something

(Adam) #497

I calculated the per share price using all outstanding shares and the Ā£18m premises valuation.

The final Crowdcube calculation was done on a fully diluted basis, meaning they included employee stock options that have not yet been exercised.

The end result is a lower share price for Crowdcube investors, ie you get more shares for the same price. :tada:

Buying / selling shares
(Jeff puckering) #498

The extra deposit I made to get a round number of shares was for nothing! I would pretend to be angry but surprise extra shares are always welcome!


Arghhh not angry because more shares ā€¦ but no longer a round number ā€¦ must not twitch :wink:

(Vladislav Kozub) #500

I was wondering if you could confirm, a number of shares itself is not quite substantial when it comes to growth is it? I mean that regardless of the share price and the number of shares you possess, the overall percentage of an individualā€™s ownership would not change, am I correct?

(Tommy Lowe) #501

Have Crowdcube skimmed some off the top? Page only shows funding at Ā£3,077,780 now? :wink:


It will if they issue more shares which will happen in new rounds.

(Vladislav Kozub) #503

I see, thanks!

So thatā€™s a nice 3% discount then :grin:

(Jeff puckering) #504

This will be people backing out I guess? :thinking:


Some people get a psychological boost having a round number. I am one of those weirdos. I pledged an odd amount to get an exact number of thousand shares.

The small psychological hit is more than compensated by an extra few percent of shares though!

What annoys me is having like 995 shares instead of 1000. If someone then says ā€œoh go on then have some moreā€ then that is cool :sunglasses:

(Adam) #506

Weā€™re now in the cooling off period when people can reduce or withdraw their pledge. If you want to invest more, and itā€™s a significant amount, Crowdcube will normally swap you in.

@HannahCrowdcube is that still accurate?

(Calum McWhir) #507

Please donate all additional shares to me so that you guys can have a round number :money_mouth_face:


7 investors less than when it officially closed at 2031; now itā€™s 2024ā€¦ natural churn till shortly after 30th May :hourglass:ļø


Same here, we should get a badge for that :joy:

(Chris) #510

I could swear I read the answer to this question but I canā€™t find it.

Whatā€™s the deal with partial shares on Crowdcube?

With the new price, Ā£100 would get you 191.91 shares right?

So do you get 191.91, or do they give you 191 and refund the minor difference, or do you get 192?


You get 192 I believe. At least I think thatā€™s what happened with my other Crowdcube investments.

(Will Sherwood-King) #512

I only invested a tenner but happy to be part of the journey. In fact this is my first investment in a company ever!

Hoping to learn a lot from the community here about investing in general from the ground up with an interesting startup.

Congrats guys!

(Adam) #513

Crowdcube rounds to the closest whole share - no fractional shares are issued. We had to do a big stock split for our first Crowdcube round so we had enough shares that a Ā£10 investment would get a reasonable number of whole shares when considering rounding.