Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise


Ā£3.1m with 2045 investors

(Kenny Grant) #473

I think 3.1m in the next 30 minutes with 2015 investors, itā€™ll be all over today.

That was fast.


1999 investors now

(Vladislav Kozub) #475

It will be 2100, Ā±10.

(Tommy Lowe) #476

2 million takes it

(Ben Robinson) #477

Almost there. Certainly a big leap from last roundā€™s 360% overfunding.

Update: All done! Asking for expressions of interest now.


(Tommy Lowe) #479

Congrats to everyone that pledged, exciting times ahead, canā€™t wait for the app to drop now!

(Vladislav Kozub) #480

@freetrade_team, as the funding is now complete, will you remove the link to Crowdcube from the website?

I guess it may be misleading now.

(Alex Sherwood) #481


(Viktor) #484

Thatā€™s actuallyā€¦ pretty close to what happened. :blush:


Funding isnā€™t complete yetā€¦ the completion process has technically yet to take place. As you may notice from earlier, 2 investors have abandoned their pledges or/and some have reduced theirs. This fluctuation will probably happen all the way up until money is debited from accounts. Hence, why expressions of interest is available to pick up allocation slack during the 7 day cooling off period.

This is my hypothesis from the available info. @HannahCrowdcube will know more Iā€™m sure.


Howā€™s everyone today in freetrade towers? All that extra work to be done now the raise is closed and massively over subscribed. Good times :grin:


It looks like the trolls are already coming out of the woodwork. Taken from the Crowdcube discussion section:


Noticed that too, however that particular user never has a positive word to say about anyone! Their usual line is to ridicule a companies valuation as they arenā€™t currently revenue generating/profitable - I.e the vast majority of pitches on Crowdcube!

(Calum McWhir) #489

Youā€™re right. But the Ā£3.1 rather than Ā£3 means it will hopefully still be a round number if dropouts do occur (my OCD there). There will also be people who missed out that Crowdcube can swap in. Contact them if this is you.

What we know about the the latest crowdfunding round so far (FAQs) (Open Wiki) :clipboard:
Research and investment tips
(Viktor) #490

Indeed, good times! Champagne was opened last night.

We just took some time off to watch Adam appear on BBC. He was on a panel discussing the topic of working from home. It was a bit of a random request, but why not.

Weā€™ll probably get more media attention after this very visible raise (which was possible thanks to you :heart: ).

Now we are back to focused work, although at 4pm @Toby will mix some cocktails for us apparently!

(Vladislav Kozub) #491

Release the App before the mixing starts! I do not mind it crashing or not working at all, just let me get a dose of seeing what it looks like from inside! :joy:

(Rob N) #492

Is there a recorded clip of him of tv?

(Viktor) #493