Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise


Hi Hannah - is this funding again? I canā€™t seem to access the Freetrade page on Crowdcube. It seems to suggest I might have gone off course.

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The funding is closed but as people drop off during the cooling off period, you still have your chance to invest before 30.05.18:


Thanks for the response. Something seems to be wrong on the Crowdcube site - I cant seem to access the free trade pitch at all - whether from my account/portfolio page or direct.


Hey - this is normal. Crowdcube have to close the page to enact groups of swap ins. Itā€™ll re-open for people to express interest at 5pm today. Weā€™ll send an alert then too via email.

Follow the updates on this thread.

Once again final deadline to swap in is 9am May 29th (Tuesday)

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Thanks @Toby. All makes sense now.

@Hannah, Iā€™ve participated in the round, been told that Iā€™m getting A shares, but havenā€™t really heard from Crowdcube re payment/funding etc.


@HannahCrowdcube could you dm @Pony1982 also?

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Hello @Pony1982, please can you pop us an email to and Iā€™ll get our completions team to look into this

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@freetrade_team I have invested in this Crowdcube round. I am trying to download the investor deck but unable to access it on the pitch page as the link seems broken. Can you point me to the investor deck on Freetrade website or elsewhere. Need that information so that I can review it in details.

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Please see the link

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Thanks a lot.

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An error or these two guys with 125 and 175 have disappeared? :thinking:


That is interesting. Maybe someone decided against remortgaging after all!


Just throwing it out there but what if the person who did Ā£125k and the Ā£175k are the same and just kept upping their investment out of FOMO?

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Did not think of that scenario. Given they both disappeared, quite likely it was a single individual.


Question is, what convinced them to withdraw?

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Might have planned not to invest originally but to get some hype and ā€œwowā€ effect?

After all, anyone could input any value of investment before the end of the cooling off period.

The interesting thing is that almost all withdrawals have been reimbursed by people who did not succeed pledging during the original Ā£3.1m raise.


Yes and sometimes you find campaigns overfunding ( tend to be weirder pitches which have low barrier of entry, so not talking about Freetrade ) and then large amounts withdrawn. Guess overfunding activates further investment.


I would have been somewhat suspicious I think with big investment and withdraw if it wasnā€™t for the fact that Freetrade overfunded so fast, so clearly no shinanigans were required to drive up interest.


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