Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise

Debating how many withdrew and how many increased their stakes is just semantics.

The bottom line is that they raised all the money they wanted and more and it’s been an extremely successful fundraise.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Investment Review Period is officially over :scream: There’s no turning back now… we’re :lock: & loaded! :money_mouth_face:


The money is still in the bank, time to panic? :grimacing:

Will be a few more days. Early next most likely I expect



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Not sure how long “shortly” is…? :grimacing:

Good guess!

In the interest of transparency, the £125k and £175k pledges were from the same investor that upped their pledge during the campaign, who also subsequently reduced to £60k during the cool off period. This of course was good news for a lot of other investors who then got to participate in the round thanks to Crowdcube swapping them in.

This won’t be the last opportunity for our community to invest in Freetrade, but we have no timelines to share yet on when the next chance may be.


Any clues on method of investing? Still crowdcube?


Hi Adam. Does this still stand from the Investor Deck? i.e. any future crowdfunding will take place only after any Series A funding.

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We wouldn’t do a Series A without inviting our community to participate. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves :wink:


A bit like Monzo did? Where they left a portion of the fundraiser for the community.


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Yes, similarly!

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Hi @Viktor, I can see the pitch says overfunding, does that mean still users can invest in freetrade on crowdcube? But when I click on the pitch I don’t see anything to invest, it just disappears.

Viktor seems to be on holiday at the moment so I will attempt to respond.

Unfortunately, the funding has concluded and all (or at least most) of the payments have been already collected.

Your best bet would be to either expect the next round (which, given the amount yielded, may not be very soon) or the IPO.

Thanks @Vlad, I have invested enough and very happy about it, my question was why the status of pitch changed from “Collecting Payments” to “OverFunding” and also normally we don’t see the pitch when we browse “Investment Opportunities” if the funding is closed but I can still see FreeTrade with the status of Last day.

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Oh, now I see what you meant, just noticed I can cancel my subscription despite it being processed and debited already. :thinking:

Maybe @HannahCrowdcube could help?

The status is still “Collecting Payments”, so it might have been something technical related to the Crowdcube platform. :bug:

The Crowdcube team is hard at work processing payments right now, and we are looking to close the process in the next few days. More communications on that coming soon!

If your payment has not been processed yet, there should be an email from Crowdcube in your inbox with instructions.

(It’s a general “you”, @ss2302 seems sorted :+1: )

A question. Are those who invested this round and previous classified as Angel investors!