Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise

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Is this for your LinkedIn profile? :stuck_out_tongue:


:sunglasses: more for impressing the ladies …

(p.s. don’t tell the wife!)


@alexs has a point, might stick it in my LinkedIn :sunglasses:

Would do the same with Monzo but got the impression Monzo didn’t really need my money and just wanted to include the community, plus think they already had their angel investment before round 1.


Have you checked Freetrade’s LinkedIn page says… ‘See all 22 employees on LinkedIn →’

People have beat you to it. They are showing as ‘Investor’ :smile:


I’m late! I best get a wiggle on. :slightly_smiling_face:


@stephen Let us know if adding ‘Investor’ fills your LinkedIn with startup pitches.


I might go for Angel investor

Or ANGEL investor


I once tried to join an Angel network (about 15 years ago) and got filtered out and put in my place by the application form.

Minimum investment was £50k or something and they wanted to see evidence of being a director on different company boards or some sort of serious get-up-and-go, someone who can influence and help steer a business in a direction rather than just put some money in.

Basically what they do on Dragon’s Den.

If you’re a Peter Jones type looking to get your 100k’s involved somewhere then you’re an Angel investor. If like me you’re a Frank Spencer type who has no experience in nearly every field but wants somewhere to invest his £1k, then you’re a Crowdfunder or maybe an “investor” :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Sugru - investing in startups carries risk!

This’ll vary between Angel Networks and stages they focus on… talking about stages, it’s getting crazy pre-seed, seed, seed+, what’s next seed++, pre-series, pre-series-a :crazy_face:

Did you check what happened with that Angel Network? Did they get any Unicorns?

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Same here. I got 1 extra share because the kind folk at CrowdCube and Freetrade rounded up :smile: :unicorn:

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@tommy you are on it dude! :fire:

Something about drip feeding or something @saf?

Somewhat satisfying, save for the OCD amongst us who may have been thrown if they were looking for a nice round number of shares :man_facepalming:t3:

I’m willing to receive any aberrant shares to satisfy this issue. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s a thing of beauty - when do I get my first dividend payment? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t follow. Can you rephrase please?

I added up my total shares between rounds and confused why I didn’t aim to break the nicer figure I’m 64 shares away from…oh well we live and learn.


What was the share price again? They rounded down to the nearest 10 for me which is a bit of a bummer


Share price was £0.521053

There’s a chance my ability to do Maths sucks and I undercalculated originally which led to the nice +1 share surprise.

Buying / selling shares

Aaah my error they rounded up happy days :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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I did not get anything :thinking:

Are these distributed in batches rather than as a single notification to everyone?

(Tommy Lowe) #628

I’d assume so, in the same way the payments were?