Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise

(Vladislav Kozub) #629

Just got them.

@Viktor, Can I get more to make it round? I am very close! :joy:

(Chris) #630

8 from a beautiful whole number. :scream:


Got my certificate! Only a small 39 shares but its 39 more than not investing!

(Donald Philp) #633

Do you guys possibly have an official signed writeup on the exact price that was issued for this round of funding, I would just like to keep it for record. Thanks allot


@chonkie this was the share price. Is that what you meant?

(Donald Philp) #635

Yeah I got the price, but it would be good to have this on an official letterhead from Crowdcube just stating the official % offered and the final price and date. Not sure if crowdcube can do this, as usually share certificates states the total shares in circulation compared to the your total shares owned on the share certificate. I might have this wrong but would be nice to possibly check with Crowdcube. I might just email them directly. :+1:t4:


There was an email from Crowdcube titled ā€œReview your Investment in Freetradeā€. Attached to it was the file ā€œFreetrade Limited - Legal Review.PDFā€, and it contained the price.

(Vladislav Kozub) #637

As Alex has indicated,

(Donald Philp) #638

@AlexT & @Vlad perfect, thanks very much


Hi, will the Ā£500 investors get an email about queue jumps too, since the only difference between us and the Ā£1000 investors is no swag pack?

(Viktor) #640


We have a few chunky Trello cards about delivering the various CC rewards from queue jumps to dinners to swag packs. The goal is to deliver everything as fast as physically possible - weā€™ll keep you posted!


So have you picked a dinner venue yet for your Ā£10,000+ investors?

(Viktor) #642

Not yet, but soon! It will be nothing too fancy though. :champagne:


Thatā€™s some pricey swag when you put it like that :smile:


Good stuff, keep the cash for the product :slightly_smiling_face:


(Sergey) #647

To be honest I was a little disappointed by the visual look of the share certificate.

Was expecting to receive a physical copy with my passport details, directorā€™s signature and with the company seal on it.

Imho, the pdf does not look like something that has legal value.

Just my 2 cents.


Itā€™s CrowdCube standard issue. Thereā€™s only been one company Iā€™ve invested in on CrowdCube that sent a fancy certificate and they used Computershare although that was in addition to the CrowdCube one.


When/if Freetrade ipo then they will be masters of their own (certificate) destiny I assume.

Iā€™ve had some truly boring certificates in the past so this one looks fine to me, besides Iā€™ve already printed it off and smacked a huge stamp across itā€¦

ā€œMy first Ā£1,000,000 note!ā€

(Hans Christer Mattias Brannstrom) #650

When and how will we get our swag?