Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise


When: we’re aiming for within a few weeks.

How: delivered by the best swag couriers we can find!

We’ll be sending a form soon to all of you in line for swag to get sizes and preferences, so look out for that.


Also when can we expect the EIS?

(Donald Philp) #653

Nothing fancy is perfect and the way to go! Drive-through :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Calum McWhir) #654

Quick update on EIS certificates - sorry for the radio silence.

Our detailed return went out to HMRC during the final week of June.

I’ve noticed their processing times have been good as of late, so hopefully the ball will be back in our court by the end of July. Once they’re all signed we can then begin posting out the certificates :mailbox_closed:


Excellent. I have a tax bill to be paid in January I am hoping to offset with the EIS.

(Kenny Grant) #656

thanks for the update, great to hear it will arrive soon.

(Martin) #657

Disappointed I missed these crowdfunds, due to the fact I only heard about Freetrade yesterday :disappointed:


Does anybody know what Freetrade’s share price was for rounds one and two?

(Dave Smith) #659

Don’t know about R1 but it was about 15p in R2


Just shy of 8p in round 1, 15.3p in round 2, if my spreadsheet is correct.


Thanks, just updating mine!


What do reckon Freetrades share price will be for the next raise?


What was the R3 price?



That was without a functioning app, onboarded users, US stocks etc etc

Do we think £2-3? Or more?

(Vladislav Kozub) #665

Would it not be too much? I think something along the lines of £1 or £1.50 is more reasonable :thinking:


Yeah perhaps ? I’m entirely uneducated when it comes to valuations

Just a hunch given where they were so far away from where they were under 12 months ago!

(Emma) #667

I’d be surprised if it’s not at least £2.50. Similar increase to Monzo between rounds at the same stage. There’s the vaguely hinted new Freetrade platform and the speculated challenger bank integration, neither of which were factored in before


I agree

My 2-3£ estimate was conservative

I think more

(Alex Sherwood) #669

Obviously I won’t comment on whether I think those prices are right or wrong / reasonable or unreasonable. But this seems like a good opportunity to remind people about our blog post on How to value startups.

Personally I find it easier to start by working out what overall valuation seems reasonable & then working back to the price per share from there. In the last crowdfunding round our valuation was £18m so what would make sense now?


A lot has been accomplished since the last raise, but I think this next one will still be the last raise before the boom, rather than the first one thereafter. I hope for a big fund to iron out a lot of the problems but not something that indicates this is mass market already. It’s a fantastic app, and it’s going to be massive but at the moment there are still loads of niggles to address before it’s “big time”, so to speak. Though I’m not sure to what degree the potential will be built in. Hey, ho. I’ve been in since round 1 so it’s all good!