Freetrade share price for IPO 2025

Are you sure it’s not obviously made up? Just off the phone to Suukma Johnson who confirmed it’s July 2025 after the Tower Bridge sale goes through.


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It’s a “what if” scenario!

I’d be hoping for a higher share price personally. Have faith in Viktor and Adam.

And Juno’s crystal ball.


I pulled my invested money out of freetrade and into InteractiveBrokers after their share price fell from £9.25 to £2.60, I’ve already written freetrade off as a loss :joy:

Good learning experience to have early on and it was entirely my fought, thankfully it was one of my first investments and so i only purchased 22 shares to dip my foot into crowdfunding to see how it worked, and I’ve since learned a lot since then.


That’s the idea behind making crowdfunding investments anyways. Once you wire the cheque, you forget about it and basically count it as a loss.


Do we know how big their customer base is? I’m not sure when the last update was, or money under management currently? There’s a lot of things that could effect the IPO, it’s probably going to be harder at the moment with interest rates so high at the moment too.

Have they launched their desktop version yet? I remember they released a beta where you could just look at your stocks (no buying or selling or topping up), and then there was all this talk about cryptocurrency they announced they were adding to the app.

I’m really interested in who uses freetrade as everyone I know has switched to other platforms, from what I could tell freetrade is used by people first starting out and then once they learn the ins and outs they move on to bigger platforms, there wasn’t anything unique to keep people on the platform.

I know they have expanded into Europe, which if they get an audience maybe that would help with the share price? But Europe also has many options with trading platforms. I think freetrade is only available is several countries as everyone I ask hasn’t heard of it. People usually use very cheep big platforms such as interactive brokers, or new platforms like trading 212 because it’s completely free.

I personally don’t think trading 212 will be available for free forever due to how they make their money (CFT trading) but the fact that their currently free and have many more features than freetrade makes them the default option for new investors before moving to these bigger platforms. I’m not sure what the big unique feature freetrade has to pull people away from these current platforms available.

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I wonder if Freetrade is on this Top Exec’s radar, maybe a nasdaq listing :thinking:

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UK companies have done pretty badly recently with US listings:

  • cazoo (-99%)
  • babylon (BUST)
  • arriva (BUST)

if you are a great companies, you will do well both with a UK listing or a US listing. Think Transferwise for example…


Could do £20 a share if it piggybacks on AI hype and gets AI financial advisors built into the app and if interest rates are low too.

I suspect we will just get bought out by a US company though once interest rates come down.

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