Freetrade share price for IPO 2025

What will the Freetrade share price be when they IPO IN 2025.
I’ll go first—£9

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Hmmm - what makes you think they’ll IPO then?

I’ve made a couple of prediction markets on this in case anyone is interested. I think prediction markets are much more useful way to speculate on things like this:


It was going to be 2023 BUT a pandemic unexpectedly arrived,so we are behind schedule by a couple of years.

Pretty bearish predictions in there. Us long suffering FT investors seem traumatised :joy:


Always good if we can surprise to the upside :wink:


There’s very little activity so far so I wouldn’t read much into it yet.

My current best guess is £300-400m in 2026 (which likely means announcement in 2025) with ~30% of not at all.

Pension Bee IPO in 2021 with a £350m valuation and £10m revenues…
Timing is everything…


So what’s your guess for the SP?

That would probably be around £3-4 depending on extra dilution (which I don’t expect much of).

This is how it goes down

Freetrade Limited Announces IPO at £2.45 per Share in July 2025

Location: London, UK
Date: July 2025

Freetrade Limited, a pioneer in the online investment platform sector, is excited to announce its initial public offering (IPO) of approximately 41 million shares at a price of £2.45 per share, slated for July 2025.

About Freetrade Limited

Since its inception in 2018, Freetrade has been at the forefront of revolutionizing trading, offering a user-friendly, commission-free trading experience. This IPO marks a pivotal point in Freetrade’s story of growth and innovation.

IPO Details

  • Shares Offered: Approximately 41 million
  • Total Fund Raise: Around £100 million
  • Listing: London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Ticker Symbol: “FRTL”

A Word from Our CEO, John Ligma

“Our IPO is not just a financial milestone but a stepping stone to broaden our horizons. We are committed to expanding our services and introducing groundbreaking innovations to better serve our customers”

Financial Highlights

  • Revenue Growth: 30% increase in the last fiscal year

Future Use of Funds

The funds raised are earmarked for strategic global expansion, cutting-edge technology development, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Investor Information

Investors should consider the detailed risk factors included in the offering documents. For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

London, UK, July 2025 – Freetrade Limited, a leading online investment platform, today announced its initial public offering (IPO) of approximately 40.8 million shares at a price of £2.45 per share, set to take place in July 2025.

Founded in 2018, Freetrade has revolutionized the trading industry by offering user-friendly, commission-free trading services.

This IPO marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey of growth and innovation.The IPO aims to raise approximately £100 million. The shares will be listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol “FTLD”.

CEO John Ligma expressed enthusiasm about the future, stating, “This IPO represents a new chapter for Freetrade, enabling us to expand our services and innovate further to meet the needs of our customers.”

Freetrade’s recent financial performance has shown strong growth, with a 25% increase in revenue in the last fiscal year.

The proceeds from the IPO are planned to be used for global expansion, technological advancements, and enhancing customer experience.

Investors are advised to consider the detailed risk factors included in the offering documents.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Suukma Johnson at [email protected] or +44 20 6391 5678.


Fantastic BUT you are way out with the share price! I would imagine Freetrade shares will be worth approaching £10 and very possibly they will do a stock split BEFORE the IPO to encourage more people to invest.

I well and truly underestimated the direction the company was heading. I’ll take the blame that,my constant criticism over the past 5 years has been uncalled for???

If your speculated price raises for that amount then investors would have lost money over the past 3 rounds. Would Freetrade do that to us!

Unfortunately by confidently rejecting that price you’ve all but guaranteed it happens, given your track record on the subject. :disappointed_relieved:


I originally had it at a fantasy price of £13.50 but it was far funnier changing it to something completely underwhelming that disappoints practically everyone

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Where is this information coming from?

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Based on Chips valuation and positive crowdfund I would say we are currently at £3.20 a share, 2025 who knows?

He’s made it up!


Interesting. Few questions:

  1. Is FT going public in July 25 definite? If not, if and when does it become definite and how would Mr Retail Investor like me find out?
  2. Will buying shares in FT as an IPO in '25 require a GIA, Standard, or Plus account?
  3. Assuming a GIA isn’t sufficient, how far in advance would we need to upgrade our account in order to be able to buy these shares?


PS The Alex Bennett email address doesn’t work: it comes back as “wasn’t found at the destination domain.”

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FT has not announced that it is listing in 2025 - this thread is speculation (corrections on this welcome!). If it happens, I imagine you’d find out here in this forum - it’ll be the thread that has thousands of replies - or in an email from FT, or a notification in the app.

However it’s also possible that FT doesn’t IPO at all in future, because it might be bought, or go out of business or… some other reason.

The other way to buy shares in Freetrade is put money in when they run a fundraising round - they have done several since 2016-ish on Crowdcube. I don’t know if more are planned in future.

If it lists on a stock exchange I’d expect you’ll be able to buy it on Freetrade, and probably in any of Freetrade’s accounts, because I think it would look odd otherwise. But if not, probably on several other stockbroker apps.

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