Freetrade share price 📈

or 11 * 2

Where’s my cabalistic numbers interpretation cheat sheet when I need it?! 🤷

Or someone in the team wants to warn us. All these red flags.

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Valuation of £914m? Would be a bit rogue…

Probably not, unless Freetrade have hired Dan Brown to write their tweets

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Not really if you consider there being more share options put aside for staff it’ll be closer to a unicorn valuation I think.

The FT top team are up to something, something cunning.


  • User sign ups have ramped user 7x/8x from just a month ago. They didn’t need to do this to secure the crowdfunding round which, let’s be honest, is as much marketing as it is funding.

  • In the past few months we’ve seen high quality hires to the C-Suite / management team. A CFO from Revolut & VP of marketing from Facebook.

  • @adam has said he felt an IPO by 2024 was likely, Freetrade really needs to be a unicorn at series C with limited rounds to come.

  • Money is very cheap at the moment and the VC space is looking for good companies to invest in. We’ve seen how much money has flowed into SPAC’s and the private space is similar with records being broken for capital invested.

  • We’ve seen big time VC’s fund European neo brokers. Trade Republic & Bux in the recent months and that’s not say anything about Revolut & N26 with monster valuations in other areas of Fintech.

  • I don’t see a nice fit with some of these VC’s as the Freetrade seem to have a good sense of culture and mission or as mark Benioff puts it Your highest value

  • Big fish who we could see lead a series C / crowdfunding round are Sequoia, Tiger, Soft bank VF2, Founders fund, Draper associates and or Lightspeed.

TLDR - I think there is a series C due with more than marquee big fish leading / participant.

Crowdfunding investors when FT is valued at +£1.5bn 2022


I think Softbank or Tiger is most likely, Sequoia and Founders Fund led series C and B respectively for Trade republic.


I can’t see an IPO happening that fast. While I’m a fan of Freetrade I think overoptimistic timeframes has been a constant theme


Yes i agrees plus there alot more features they need to implement to reach the competitors


Are you saying that Adam is the new Elon? Sign me up for what ever he touches!


Juno this is one of the topic that you riled people with before - it’s okay to have a different opinion and not ram it down peoples throats. Take a victory lap in 2024 when your right and just for clarity I said by 2024.

Let me be clear before anyone misinterprets this next bit. Building and scaling a business like FT is hard throw a pandemic into the mix and you’re doing it while tap dancing. Caveats applied I would take any stated dates with a hint of caution as see with the EU roll out. I believe in this management team and idea and when we all look back from our 20x - 150x returns in a few years this will all seem trivial.


Well you are NOT!!! You clearly break the FT rules and the team have said many times and hence banned you over and over again. It ruins the forum and the sooner they get a verified system in place the better.

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I’m bored of arguing with people like you so visit less often. You think you have a unique set of rules for yourself that can bypass what the company want. I think that is sad and I prefer to follow the rules FT put in place so if that makes me a muppet call me Kermit :+1:


Who are people arguing with?


Juno … again.

I simply asked them to not rile people up and look what happened. I value their posts but there are some subject that seem to trip a switch. Such a shame ans a massive pain.


The comments I replied to have been deleted. He said he deserved to be able to break rules etc and called us muppets and originally called me out for no reason as I hadn’t been on for a while so I got an email from him. Copying people in to ask or mention is fine but just to bitch so they get an email is just wrong.


Im losing track of the number of accounts Juno has. He seems to be everywhere


I want to know how there is time in the day to come up with so many different user names and still be blatantly the same person.

Juno / Brian, you’re going to get this thread closed. Chill out.


This isn’t a democracy, it’s a private company’s forum. That said I seem to recall when you tried to treat it like a democracy you got a pretty clear response, which you seem to have ignored.


That’s exactly what I was just thinking. Is this the moment we realise that all other accounts on this Forum are actually Juno and we are living in the Matrix :joy: