Freetrade share price πŸ“ˆ

It’s also not really a typical year but it’s around Β£15/sign-up or Β£30/active user or 150bps.

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Who bought Money Dashboard? I like their product so interested if there will still be further development and if security updates will be maintained. If not then I’m going to ask for my account and date to be removed.

I just checked I had Β£720 of charges! Ok maybe FT is doing ok lol.


Do you see charges once you have been with FT for a year?

Clear Score got them for a steal


I had over Β£300 in charges, however looking at the statement that includes things like stamp duty and withholding tax which doesn’t go to Freetrade

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Nice after-hours pop on Robinhood today. Let’s see if it holds.

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