Freetrader of the year

This discussion started with Finki sharing their stock search API

" the finKi search is a work in progress and may contain bugs! Sorry!"

Love it

Works pretty well in truth
But there are a few ways you can make it crash… which I haven’t fixed… my bad

I meant that as a compliment and as a sign of appreciation. You’ve done more and better that what I ever could. I love it. I also love that message and the fact you bothered to put it there. I truly think you deserve some praise.

Candidate for Freetrader of the year maybe. If that were to become a thing. I think that thanks to your work you would be a strong contender.

Yeah maybe this is an idea for this community and Freetrade to act on. I would create a thread where people could vote for several different candidates but I don’t know how


Cheers @Raul
The tongue in check sarcasm wasn’t lost on me. I understood.

However… “Freetrader of the year”
Nice idea.
I can 100% categorically say I SHOULD NOT win that award.
But that’s for reasons I couldn’t possibly divulge in public… but NO WAY!
I am, however, honored for the thought
Do it… let’s see what happens…
Personally I’d vote @Vlad


@finki don’t get me wrong mate (forgive me for being too familiar; it’s for speech style purposes)
I didn’t say you have my vote :crazy_face:… but I’m open to accept bribes :angel:

The way I see it we now have two strong candidates:
@finki and @Vlad

Any more nominations people of the land of Freetrade?


The reason I stuck around in the beginning. Miss those posts now!


Yep… There were a few good months with great posts from @engineer
My favourite topic is the classic WeWork one… I look back at it time to time and smile


Thank you for the king words Finki and Raul but alas, my contribution to the community has contracted since it has expanded so much and has widened its scope of discussion massively in the last two years, I certainly would not be an objectively fair choice, albeit appreciate the thought :slight_smile:

I on the other hand absolutely loved @engineer’s long and well-structured analyses and opinions on various securities, and I do often miss them. And indeed I am a big fan of everything @finki as tool (and as an individual of course!) offers and how dramatically it evolved and improved over time. These are genuine contributions that I think ought to deserve wider recognition.

That said, Freetrade forum would never have become such an active and successful community without the interest and curiosity of every member, as well as tolerance of others to new and less knowledgeable users which I do not think many forums, such as reddit, could ever enjoy, and I am very lucky to be able to still learn new things every day here. Hence I agree it would be a great idea to recognise those members who devote their time and effort to further improve and invigorate this community in the years to come, especially with the :eu: expansion looming :wink:


Absolutely agree. @engineer posts got me through the harsh winter without the app. It was his posts that kept me coming back to the forum.

@Freetrade_Team @Viktor bring back engineer! He’s probably sipping a magarita on a beach somewhere but be nice to have him back on here. Great knowledge shared through his posts, well presented and also a funny guy.