Freetrade's crowdfunding round 📈

Hi, how do you know it’s 86p?

This is ridiculous. I’ve been trying to invest since 11:45! I’ve gotten to the payment screen twice, but clicking the button does nothing, and I can’t refresh to send it again because it’s an AJAX request!

Now i’m getting ‘you do not have the required scope to access this resource’ on the app… :weary:

I’ve tried multiple times and now my crowdcde account has been suspended :roll_eyes:

Viktor posted that it would be 86.2p I think

I crashed on the payment page but I went to portfolio after and my investment was there so all good.

Crowdcube displaying some serious incompetence… Also very surprised to see that access to Documents hasn’t been granted before.

The most egregious thing is that claims that everything is fine :roll_eyes:


Website kept crashing which is a bit rubbish as they should have load tested it in the past.

But the app works perfectly.

It’s all about the water bottle :ok_hand:t2:

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Do you have the share price for the previous rounds or know where I can find out? Thanks

I too have now managed on the app. Thanks for the advice

We’re trying to approve access to documents but because the website’s down we can’t. Sorry about that, we’ll work through the requests as soon as we can.


No, it doesn’t. It really doesn’t.


@Viktor posted this in another thread, but can’t find it right now

People who have successfully invested should stay off crowdcube for a while, People are struggling to invested meanwhile others are resfreshing the page saying “woo £2million”…

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Almost at £2m. Impressive.

Account suspended
Contact cc

R3 was circa 52p, not sure about the earlier ones. @Freetrade_Team1 is your best bet to ask for such information :slight_smile:

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