Future competitors

Personally I see share trading as an activity that deserves just as much focused attention & functionality as banking. So I find it hard to imagine another company that isn’t focused solely on this providing a service that’s as good as a company’s that is.

I’m sure their pricing will be competitive, although their costs may be higher, as I expect they’ll provide their service via a third party. But either way, I don’t believe that the pricing is all that matters.

I expect Revolut will offer some of the same service but not all of it e.g. access to a more limited range of ETFs & stocks. As a result, I can see them making some money from their service but (:rotating_light: risky prediction :rotating_light:) I can’t see them capturing significant market share. They may even bundle it into their Premium (think Amazon Prime) subscription service, which would limit user’s access to it.

I guess we’ll have to wait & see what their solution looks like :popcorn: