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3.98 div yield. PE Ratio of 13

GILD is already in the app, and has been since US shares launched in January.


Looks like this share is rocking and it seems only one to have some thing to offer Coronavirus

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Hello, a new user of the forum. However, I had a burning sensation to put this up now.

Gilead is now trailing a new drug today. UK and US trails are just starting for corona Virus. What are your thoughts on this.

Current Price $74.63.

My order is qued. is this due exchange opening hours?

The US market opens at 2.30 GMT

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Hey @Hydra_King Jason, awesome username.

We have a thread going on about Gilead already, so I’ll merge this discussion into it.

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I heard on a podcast that the drug they were using to did cure people but in 3 patients ended up with gastrointestinal symptoms and elevated aminotransferase enzyme indicating liver damage unknown how severe though.
Also that it is a treatment to those infected and income from this would not do much to the stock price as compared to income from a vaccine.


May be worth a gamble, anyone know how long trials would take?
They’ve been in and out of the news the past few weeks and the market hasn’t reacted significantly.

Let’s substantiate the “gamble”.

It might have been the same podcast, and just read an article, but basically Remdesivir was originally developed to combat Ebola, and it’s proved effective against SARS and MERS, which are strains of coronavirus.

In January, Remdesivir was given to a US patient confirmed to be infected by SARS-CoV-2 in Washington who had been hospitalised with pneumonia.

The patient’s condition improved and he was discharged.

As scientists would tell us, no conclusions can be made from a one-person study, but Gilead are testing Remdesivir with more patients in China and Hong Kong.

I’ll read more to understand if this means reasonable chances of a successful COVID fighting medicine for them.

A leak from the studies in China said that it made no significant difference to patients which is a little disappointing especially as Gilead has been talking it up.

On the flip side…there was another leak a few weeks ago from a US university that suggested great results…:thinking:

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Having thought about it, the hope was premature.

A vaccine would normally take years, if not decades, to develop. Researchers hope to achieve the same amount of work in only a few months.

Most experts think a vaccine is likely to become available by mid-2021, about 12-18 months after the new virus, known officially as Sars-CoV-2, first emerged.


I think what Gilead is developing would be a treatment, not a vaccine.

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The scenario where a vaccine has still not been found after 15 years is also a possibility - when listening to virologists.

But Gilead are developing a treatment, not a vaccine?

Might be useful if people reading this thread had a quick read of Remdesivir, the drug that Gilead is trialing. Then it’s easy to see how it works as an anti-viral and is available once we know if it works for Covid-19.
Nothing to complex, just the wiki page…

@sj1990 is right, the treatment Remdesivir that is owned by Gilead sciences is an antivirial treatment medication. Meaning it’s design of use is to treat active cases of COVID-19 by working directly on the coronavirus in the body. Think of it as similar to an antibiotic, but for viruses not bacteria.

A Vaccine usually uses an inert (dead/harmless) version of a virus in order to prompt the body into creating antibodies to create immunity to the virus. So that if the person contracts the virus months or even years later they are immune and don’t become ill.

Important difference to understand two very different treatment methodologies. Remdesivir has already been developed and is potentially available to treat COVID-19, however the question that has yet to be answered as to whether 1) if it works and 2) if the side effects are less harmful than the benefit of the treatment.


anyone know why GILD is suspended in pre-market?