GME, Pre market is at $96.20 not updated in the app?

I am a noob. GME pre market is at $96.15* but it’s not updated in app.
Does that mean the market will open at that price?

*as of 11:41 GMT


The US market isn’t open yet so the app will update around 15 minutes after it opens.

The premarket price can still vary by the time orders are placed that get executed at the market open and it will be following on from the after market deals but can still vary.

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Ah wow. This ape is still learning a lot. Thank you.


If you keep the premarket price visible in eg Yahoo finance, it is likely to open very close to that at 2.30. I put a sell in the other day, pressed Sell as the clock struck and it was pretty close, obviously can’t guarantee it.


Thank you

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